Castille christmas tree flooded with gifts for children in need

Dec 24 2020 Share

A government initiative left a Christmas tree in front of Castile, flooded with gifts for children in need.

The initiative was launched by the Prime Minister’s daughter, Giorgia Mae last Saturday and came to an end yesterday.

Many companies and families left gifts for children which will be handed to families with low income as well as Caritas.


Alexandra Alden hints at her upcoming album with a competition to be held as well!

Dec 23 2020 Share

Indie singer-songwriter Alexandra Alden is building the hype towards her upcoming visual album with an art competition and open call.

Alden has posted lyrics from different songs from of her album taken with a disposable camera and is inviting local creators and music and art enthusiasts to respond to the photos in any way they like.

✨ ART COMPETITION + OPEN CALL ✨Art is everywhere and it's happening all the time. To you, to me, to everyone. All it…

Posted by Alexandra Alden on Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Participants can win Luke Azzopardi face masks, Luxury Candles, Vouchers and so much more!


Baby names can now use Maltese alphabet; Ġanni among first names

Dec 23 2020 Share

The Government has announced that the Public Registry now recognises baby names using the Maltese alphabet.

Ġanni is the first Maltese name using the Maltese alphabet recognised by the Public Registry – where the Ġ would not have been previously recognised.

Citizenship Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat said that this decision “will safeguard our native language.”



Illuminated Trail Malta donate €25,000 to MCCFF during Presidential visit

Dec 23 2020 Share

Seeing local businesses do their utmost for charitable causes during Christmas time is a beautiful sight to see, and Illuminated Trail Malta do indeed practice what they preach.

The magical Christmas event welcomed his Excellency the President of Malta and his wife Mrs. Vella to donate €25,000 from the proceeds of the event to The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

🔹 Ilbieraħ filgħaxija, jien u marti kellna l-opportunità nżuru Illuminated Trail Malta, esperjenza unika li stajna…

Posted by George Vella on Wednesday, 23 December 2020

The gift of giving during Christmas truly is a magical thing and local businesses as well as individuals should follow in the steps of Illuminated Trail Malta so that everyone a truly blessed Christmas this year.