Carnival Legend Paul Curmi ‘Il-Pampalun’ Celebrated At Valletta Exhibition

Carnival Legend Paul Curmi 'Il-Pampalun' Celebrated At Valletta Exhibition
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Spazju Kreattiv, the cultural heartbeat of Valletta, has unveiled an exhibition dedicated to the life and enduring legacy of Maltese carnival icon, Paul Curmi, affectionately known as ‘Il-Pampalun’.

In a recent call to action, the cultural centre invited carnival enthusiasts and culture aficionados to “Come Meet Paul Curmi, ‘Il-Pampalun’: The Man, The Legend”, promising an immersive journey into the life of a figure who transcended his role in carnival festivities to impact the broader Valletta community and beyond.

Paul Curmi was celebrated not just for his indelible mark on the carnival scene but also for his varied hobbies and vibrant character, which left a lasting legacy.

This exhibition, meticulously curated and researched by Mario Coleiro, offers a window into Curmi’s multifaceted life, highlighting the depth of his contributions and the vibrancy of his character. It stands as a tribute to a man whose life was a palette of colorful influences, enriching Malta’s cultural tapestry.


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Paceville Committee Aims for Purple Flag Award Recognising ‘Safe & Vibrant Nightlife’

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Paceville, Malta’s renowned nightlife hub, is embarking on a mission to obtain the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation, a testament to safe and vibrant night-time economies.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Paceville committee, established in 2012 under the Agency for Regeneration for Tourist Areas, addressing a spectrum of concerns from infrastructure and security to commerce and cleanliness. This move comes after the area faced negative publicity due to incidents involving bouncer altercations and thefts, tarnishing its image as a premier entertainment destination.

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Chaired by business advocate Philip Fenech, the committee is determined to transform Paceville into an exemplary locale that guarantees safety, diverse entertainment options, and efficient transportation for visitors. The pursuit of the Purple Flag signifies a commitment to elevating the quality of the nightlife experience, ensuring it is enjoyable and secure for everyone.

The effort is a collaborative one, involving key stakeholders such as the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, St. Julian’s Local Council, the Malta Police Force, and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), among others. By aiming for this accolade, Paceville is poised to redefine itself, promising a safer, more appealing night out for locals and tourists alike.


ERA Condemns TV Dumping for Social Media Fame, Investigation Under Way

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In a decisive move, Malta’s Environment and Resource Authority (ERA) has publicly condemned the recent actions of dumping electronic waste into a quarry, a reckless practice popularised for social media entertainment.

The authority’s statement, released on Friday, criticises this behaviour as a quest for social media clout, branding it as utterly deplorable.

Disturbing images accompanying the ERA’s announcement depict an individual carelessly throwing an old television into a quarry. Such acts pose severe environmental risks, including the potential contamination of groundwater with dangerous substances like mercury.

The ERA has highlighted the grave consequences of these actions, emphasising the irresponsibility and environmental neglect they represent. In response to this environmental vandalism, ERA is collaborating closely with the Malta Police Force to track down and hold the individuals accountable.


Maltese Doctor Helping Peruvians For Over 30 Years Raising Funds

Maltese Doctor Helping Peruvians For Over 30 Years Raising Funds
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Fr. Raymond Portelli is a Maltese priest and doctor who has, for the past 30 years, been helping people in the city of Iquitos, Peru. 

With over 30 patients everyday, Fr. Portelli and his team are doing all this work without any financial backing. They welcome patients from the poorest of society, with the parish offering medicine and medical exams to improve their lives. 

Others in need of more serious medical care are cared for at a small hospital, with pensioners also living in their own respective home. The expenses, as one could imagine, are great. 

Fr. Raymond Portelli is currently back in Gozo visiting his family and is taking the chance to raise awareness and financial support for the cause. 

He is currently accepting cheques on his name, RAYMOND PORTELLI, and can be sent to 7, Grunju Street, Nadur, Gozo. 

Other options include a bank transfer on BOV 124 1717 3013, or contact him on 99556375.