Carnival 2023 returns with a resounding success

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Carnival 2023 returns with a resounding success

The 2023 Carnival edition was very well received by the Maltese, Gozitans, and tourists alike who eagerly attended the carnival activities in Valletta. Festivals Malta, the agency responsible for organising carnival in Malta, managed to exceed all expectations in terms of the production of the festival, as well as through the high level of artistic creations exhibited.

This year carnival saw a substantial increase in attendance when compared to previous editions, as thousands of people flocked to Valletta to enjoy the lively events. This year, Festivals Malta, presented a more comprehensive programme of events, which included more activities than usual. Tonight, carnival culminates along St Anne Street in Floriana, with the gran defilé featuring the participation of all floats.

The Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, Dr Owen Bonnici, said that he is proud to see people enthusiastically attending the carnival activities in Valletta. “It is an honour to see people of all ages enjoy these jubilant events which form such an important part of Maltese culture. I would like to thank the participants and all those who, in one way or another, contributed to this year’s carnival. I would also like to thank the Festivals Malta team for all their work towards a festival of this scale.”

The Festivals Malta Chairman Aaron Zahra said, “Once again Festivals Malta has managed to exceed all expectations with yet another successful festival. We promised that, after two years of abridged editions, we will give the people the biggest carnival that has ever been organised, and I believe that we managed to do exactly this, as shown through the positive response we have received and the numerous attendance in all the carnival activities. I am very satisfied to see that Festivals Malta’s investment towards Carnival is contributing to the continuous development and quality of this festival. We will continue investing in this festival for the years to come and I look forward to seeing Malta Carnival grow and reach new heights in terms of organisation, sustainability, and security. We will now get back to work on the preparations for next year’s edition, as well as on this year’s summer carnival. It is crucial that what has been achieved improved upon through new and exciting initiatives.”

Festivals Malta CEO, Annabelle Stivala, said that carnival is an important festival in the agency’s portfolio, not only for its historical and cultural heritage, but also because it celebrates local talent. “I am happy with the success that carnival manages to achieve year after year. This carnival was truly a grand one, an achievement that fills me with pride as this was the result of years of hard work. I thank everyone who strived to ensure that this festival reaches new heights. Festivals Malta will continue working so that the agency’s cultural activities, keep developing and improving while remaining relevant and true to the times.”

Carnival Artistic Director, Jason Busuttil, said that this year carnival saw a big leap in quality, and he thanked the participants from the bottom of his heart for their dedication and artistic work. “The participants are the beating heart of carnival, and much of the success achieved is thanks to them because every year they invest a lot of passion and artistry towards this festival. This year we have clearly seen how important carnival is to the people, and I thank everyone for attending with enthusiasm to revel in these festivities.”

Festivals Malta announced that after the success of this carnival edition, the Summer Carnival will also make a grand return between the 18th and 20th of August 2023. More details on Summer Carnival will be announced later. The Malta Carnival is organised by Festivals Malta with the support

of the Ministry for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government. For more information about the agency’s festivals visit here.


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1977 Beachaven receipts show differences in food prices

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1977 Beachaven receipts show differences in food prices

Images shared by the owner of Beachaven Malta highlight prices as they were back in 1977, giving us a quick glimpse at how different a meal or a quick snack would have cost. 

The receipts are dated to 12/9/77 and 17/9/77, and have various food items ranging from spaghetti, sword fish, pork chops, omelettes and even coffee and tea. 

The prices were of course listed in ‘Liri Maltin’, with the sword fish sold at 1 Lm and 30 cents. 


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3 plates of spaghetti were listed down as 1 Lm and 50 cents, with the other receipt showing that just one plate costing around 55c. 

1 can of cola cost 10c, with 6 cups of coffee and/or tea priced at around 1 Lm and 5 cents. 

A big meal consisting of 3 spaghetti, 1 swordfish, 2 ‘lampuki’, 1 pork chop, 1 plain omelette, 3 bacon and tomato omelettes and drinks cost around 18.50 LM, including a service charge off 1.75 Lm.

What do you make of this? 


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€158.7 million spent by outbound tourists between October and December

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€158.7 million spent by outbound tourists between October and December

According to new statistics released by the National Statistics Office (NSO), the total outbound tourists for the fourth quarter in 2022 was estimated at 180,215.

Meanwhile, total nights spent during the period under review amounted to 1,214,296. A total of 109,979 outbound tourist trips were undertaken for holiday purposes (61%). 

45,856 trips were taken to visit friends and relatives, with most outbound tourists aged between 25 and 44 (49.1%). 

This was followed by the 45-64 age bracket at 28.7%. Meanwhile, Italy remained the most popular destination, with a total share of 33% of total tourist trips. 

The largest share of guest nights stood at 50.8%, and was spent in non-rented accommodation establishments. Meanwhile, the average length of stay of total outbound tourists stood at 6.7 nights. 

The total expenditure by outbound tourists between October and December surpassed €158.7 million, which is equivalent to an average €881 per person. 

As per the entire year, the total outbound tourist trips for the year 2022 numbered 601,701. Total nights spent by outbound tourists surpassed 4.2 million nights. The total estimated outlay by resident tourists stood at €517.5 million. 



‘Anal sex is an abomination’ says River of Love head pastor

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'Anal sex is an abomination' says River of Love head pastor

Speaking during a River of Love sermon on the 18th of February, head pastor Gordon Manche, whilst discussing sex and marriage, said that ‘anal sex is an abomination.’

‘It is not just a sin, but an abomination’ he said, going on to claim that it introduces demonic forces into one’s life. He went on to claim that this practice is an abomination both in heterosexual couples as it is in homosexual couples. 

Manche went on to question who could teach this to people, also saying that the likes of Education Minister would not teach people about this. 

‘God wants his people to be educated. Who do you think will teach you this? The education minister’ said Manche. 

‘Anal sex is a sin, it is demonic and it will enter a curse in your life’ he continued. 

Earlier in the broadcasted sermon titled ’No, God did not make you that way’, Manche says that God did not make a person a fornicator, but the person would still fornicate. 

In defining what a ‘fornicator’ is, Manche points to it as any sexual act involving two men.’ Manche has received criticism in the past for his statements, which many deemed to be homophobic.

MaltaDaily does not condone claims made by Manche in any way shape or form.


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