Cardini’s cocktail tree is perfect for any squad outing and we love it!

 - Food - Oct 11
Cardini's cocktail tree is perfect for any squad outing and we love it!

Have you ever struggled with the problem of going out with your friends and having second thoughts on the cocktail you ordered? What about ordering the wrong cocktail and preferring your friends’ drinks over yours? Well, Trattoria Cardini in Sliema may solved all of your alcoholic beverage-related problems with the launch of their new cocktail tree.

That’s right, cocktail tree. The simple but satisfying structure enhances the social experience of going out for drinks by propping up your favourite boozy beverages in a neat, super-Instagrammable structure which allows you to mix and match your favourite drinks. The cocktail tree consists of 8 cocktails which makes it ideal for a group outing.

Beyond having a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Trattoria Cardini are well known for providing many mouth-watering and flavourful dishes which will surely tingle your tastebuds. You can get yourself anything from sliders to ribs and everything in between, not to mention the iconic Cardini churros.

Trust us, if your squad needs a night out, head to Cardini ASAP.


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