Cardi B stuns American Music Awards with gold mask

 - Celebrities - Nov 22
Cardi B stuns American Music Awards with gold mask

The American Music Awards Red Carpet was utterly shocked after Cardi B turned up wearing a solid gold mask at the event. 

The rapper, who also hosted the event, had previously informed fans and viewers to expect some costume changes. But who would have thought that the ‘Up’ singer would don such a bizarre mask? 

She first turned up with a long black dress with a sequinned leopard print pattern. The 29-year-old however returned with a golden mask and a Schiaparelli dress off her shoulder. 

Reactions were mixed, some calling Cardi a fashion icon whilst others expressing that they were put off by the face covering. 

Despite wanting to bring her personality to the AMA’s stage, she told Variety that the night was ultimately in honour of the performers taking to the stage. 


Photo Source: The Mirror, The Independent

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