Cardi B and Offset join McDonald’s US to launch Valentine’s meal for 2

Cardi B and Offset join McDonald's US to launch Valentine's meal for 2
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Rappers Cardi B and Offset have joined forces with fast food giant McDonald’s through a Super Bowl advert to build up hype for their Valentine’s Day meal for two. 

The timing of the launch reportedly commemorates back to the onset of their relationship, which began to bud at around 2017’s Super Bowl.

The advert features the two rappers along with eight other couples as they share details about their partner’s preferred order and how knowing it is akin to knowing an intimate part of them. 


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It was also revealed that Cardi typically goes for a classic McDonald’s cheeseburger, paired with BBQ sauce and a large Coca Cola. As for Offset, he prefers a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. The duo also shares a large order of fries and a hot apple pie. 

And to further advertise the meal, Cardi herself took to social media to give her own, rather vulgar, spin to the famous McDonald’s tune. 

Six years into their marriage, the two have become parents to two kids under five years of age. 


Boost to ‘Teen Outside the Box’ initiative for Maltese students

Boost to 'Teen Outside the Box' initiative for Maltese students
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The ‘Teen Outside the Box’ programme has just been given a boost to develop a programme of prevention among students ranging from Form 2 to Year 8 in Maltese schools. 

This programme aims at developing other programmes which are already ongoing in Maltese schools to improve the skills of children and youth to stay away from addictive circumstances, mainly pertaining to drugs but also technological. 

The programme is split into three main sections: one pertains to substance abuse, another on the disciplined use of technology and the other about taking decisions. 

The programme is being held by the Sedqa Agency, along with the FSWS. A session in Bormla’s Santa Margherita College was given to students, which was attended by Minister for Social Policy and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon, Minister for Education and Sport Clifton Grima and Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality Rebecca Buttiġieġ. 

Falzon highlighted how such programmes can help isolate situations which could prove harmful to children, whether they be inappropriate environments, health issues or limited access to education. 

Grima praised the initiative and said that, when speaking about education, he continuously tries to insist that the education Malta’s students is given is a holistic and full one. 

On her part, Buttiġieġ said that it is important that our adolescents are helped to develop skills which help them take decisions in the future which are thought out and can respect other people. 


Tubi streaming service goes viral for fake out advert

Tubi streaming service goes viral for fake out advert
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Among all the adverts during the Super Bowl LVII broadcast, streaming service Tubi was the one to go viral as well as have viewers scratching their heads. 

During a 15 second spot, television viewers at home thought that the broadcast off the massive event had returned from a commercial break.

But as Fox Sports announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen start to discuss the Super Bowl, the screen is seemingly taken over by someone scrolling through the television app catalogue and right to the Turi TV app. 

In the video’s YouTube caption, Tubi said that ‘No, you didn’t sit on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday, we fooled audiences into thinking they did.’ 


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The commercial was called ‘Interface Interruption’, which also racked up talk and buzz on social media as people discussed what they thought was happening. 

“Nicole [chief marketing officer at Tubi] and the Tubi team came to us with a unique brief for the streaming sector” said Greg Hahn, the co-founder and CCO at Mischief, who produced the ad in partnership with Tubi. 

“Reveal Tubi to the world, personality-first. Not title-first. These spots reveal a personality we’ve had fun creating over the past few months: Quirky, playful and a bit unexpected. Tubi is poised to be the troublemaker of the streaming world.”


The long-awaited Nadur Carnival celebrations have started

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The Nadur Carnival has started

In the Carnival City, Nadur, the long-awaited Carnival celebrations, started this weekend with a programme in the main square of the Gozitan village.

Yesterday, the Nadur Local Council in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo Cultural Heritage, kicked-off the celebrations with a spectacular show.

The show included dancing, band marches, singing, grotesque masks, floats, the traditional ‘Kukkanja’ and a taste of what to expect during the actual Carnival weekend.

In fact, after an absence of two years, the spontaneous Nadur carnival will once again be hosted in the heart of the town of Nadur on the 17-21st February 2023!

The carnival celebrations are being organised by the Nadur Local Council, Ministry For Gozo and Cultural Heritage Directorate, in collaboration with G7 Events and Malta Daily.

Between Friday and Sunday, Nadur will see some of the very best of Malta’s top local artists.

The Friday night will kickstart at 7.30pm with Megan May, Kevin Paul and Kurt Calleja performing on stage in collaboration with G7’s resident DJs.

The Saturday will be starting at 5.30pm in the afternoon with a Matinee’ Special edition as DJs Sar, Cleaven, Kieren, Miggy, Debrii, Mykill, Nagem, Gabii, D-Rey and JD Patrick will entertain the crowds.

Also, both the Friday and Saturday nights will be hosted by Malta Daily’s own Keane Cutajar.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, on Friday and Saturday there will be two official parties hosted BY G7 Events and Elevated at the Aurora in Rabat.

Sunday will take off at 8pm with top Gozitan artists Straitahead and Rebecca and the Passengers live in concert, with DJ Danyell in the mix.

Get your costumes ready and see you at Nadur!