Cancer survivor dedicates masters degree to Dr Victor Calvagna

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Cancer survivor dedicates masters degree to Dr Victor Calvagna

The late Puttinu founder and doctor Victor Calvagna left his mark on many throughout his life and career. Among them was Martina Fenech, who dedicated her Masters of Arts Degree in Health, Medicine and Society to the late doctor.

Posting to Facebook, Fenech opened up about how 10 years ago in March of 2012, she received her cancer diagnosis. She said that thanks to her family, friends but also Puttinu Cares, Calvagna and his team, she survived cancer. 

‘Yet, I did not stop there’ she said. ‘Perhaps it was part of my grieving, my own therapy, or anything else that led me to focus my studies on oncology from a social perspective.’ 

She revealed how she coincidentally graduated with her Masters of Arts, with a dissertation about life after cancer for childhood/teenager survivors, on the birthday of Calvagna, ‘her lifesaver’, himself. 

‘Dr. Victor Calvagna, I dedicate this masters to you as hadn’t it been for your courage to introduce paediatric oncology to these islands, I wouldn’t be here today with this research close to my heart’ she said. 

‘I did regret that I did not manage to give you my study for you to read as you requested, but am sure you are witnessing this from heaven with my guardian angels.’ 

She went on to send a strong message to other cancer patients. She said that despite having to stop her studies earlier on in life due to cancer, she managed to overcome all her obstacles.’

‘Do not give up. If you loved your life before cancer, do not be afraid of life after cancer. You will find beauty again.’


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Kylie Jenner praised for showing natural postpartum tummy on social media

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Kylie Jenner praised for showing natural postpartum tummy on social media

Kylie Jenner has been the subject of massive praise after she revealed her natural postpartum tummy in an unfiltered social media post a month after welcoming her second child. 

The personality, who is 24-years-old, gave birth to a son on February 2nd and has since shared a series of social media updates with her millions of followers. 

The personality had recently admitted that her son is no longer called ‘Wolf’, after she and her partner Travis Scott grew cold on the name. The couple are also parents to daughter Stormi. 

Among the comments, Jenner was praised for ‘normalising normal bodies’. Another said that ‘as a mommy, I love the rawness of this picture. The stretched skin, the postpartum tummy, the little extra weight. I just love it.’ 

The post itself tracks the entire pregnancy journey, with a full video ‘TO OUR SON’ uploaded to the celebrity’s YouTube. With snapshots leading up to the birth, Jenner was praised for breaking the taboos around pregnancy and showing the world what actually goes down. 


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Dog abandoned because owner thought he was gay adopted by gay couple

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Dog abandoned because owner thought he was gay adopted by gay couple

A dog who was abandoned by his owner because he thought he was gay has been adopted by a gay couple. 

The dog, Fezco, was recently dumped at the Stanly County Animal Protective Services, which is an animal shelter in North Carolina. This was because his owner saw Fezco humping another male dog. 

According to staff at the shelter, the owner said he didn’t want a ‘gay dog’ and left him in the shelter’s care. The shelter took to Facebook to share Fezco’s story, describing him as getting along well with people and other animals. 

Fortunately, it did not take long before someone decided to come forward and welcome the dog into their family. Steve Nichols and his partner John had been together for over 30 years and came to Fezco’s rescue after hearing about the story. 

‘It’s just such a silly reason to turn in a dog’ said Nichols. ‘We just thought it would make sense for the gay dog to be adopted by a loving gay family.’ 

Nichols went on to open up about discrimination, saying that they’ve been subject to ‘that kind of bigotry and ignorance throughout our lives together, and we couldn’t always do anything about it.’

Fezco’s name was changed to Oscar after the late gay Irish poet Oscar Wilde. Addressing the issue, Dr William Pressly of Pressly Animal Hospital said that ‘mounting, thrusting and humping’ are normal behaviours exhibited by most dogs. All dogs do it.’ 



Seven drive-thru voting centres as COVID cases spike

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Seven drive-thru voting centres as COVID cases spike

Following a recent spike in COVID-19 infections, a number of drive-thru voting centres for virus positive people and others in quarantine have been set up, bringing up the amount to seven. 

People who are positive for COVID or in mandatory quarantine up to Friday 9pm are asked to vote in these centres rather than the polling booth which is indicated on their document. This special arrangement was decided upon ahead of the election to enable such people to vote without introducing risk to others. 

The drive-thru voting centres are spread out across Malta. They are as follows: 

  • Voters registered in the 2nd and 4th districts: Smart City, Kalkara
  • Voters registered in the 1st and 6th districts: MCAST, Paola
  • Voters registered in the 3rd and 5th districts: Ħal Far, Birżebbuġa
  • Voters registered in the 7th and 11th districts: Ta’ Qali
  • Voters registered in the 10th and 12th districts: Pembroke
  • Voters registered in the 8th and 9th districts: Life Sciences Park, San Ġwann
  • Voters registered in the 13th district: Xewkija

As of yesterday, there are currently 2,723 active cases in Malta, with 41 in Mater Dei, one of whom is in the ITU. 


Photo Source: MaltaToday, Sahha FB

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