Burger King is planning to implement reusable containers starting next year

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Customers can opt for recycled packaging for food products, soft drinks and coffee. They will then return the recycled sandwich container or soda cup to Burger King ‘s restaurants to be cleaned and reused. 

Customers will be charged a minor deposit upon purchase which will be refunded once the packaging is returned. Reusable containers and cups will be launched at selected restaurants in New York, Portland and Tokyo. Should we invest in these for Malta? 


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Man was injured in Gozo incident

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A man was critically wounded by a splinter of wood in his Gozo garage on Thursday. The event took place in Wied Sara, G-Asri. Police said they were called in for help at about 2:45 p.m. 

They claimed that the piece of wood was thrown out of the machine that the man was operating. A surgical team was called to the scene, which rushed the man to Gozo General Hospital, where he was later certified for his injuries.


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WhatsApp introduces updates to allow companies to talk to customers via chats

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These new tools make it possible for companies to operate as unique users on the app, which ensures that they can open conversations that fit in among more everyday WhatsApp chats between friends and family.   

WhatsApp – and its owner Facebook – said the change came as more users have moved to messaging companies they shop from or deal with, and have moved away from the traditional forms to get in contact with businesses.

The first of these is new shopping tools that enable users to make transactions via a chat. Stores will run a dedicated website to display the items they have on sale, and consumers can then order the products in the same way of sending a message, as well as discussing any concerns directly via the WhatsApp chat.

The second is the introduction of “Web Hosting Services.” This helps small and medium-sized companies to get their tools – such as products, stock and customer care software – hosted by Facebook itself, rather than having to integrate WhatsApp technologies into their own applications.

The third is the introduction of business sales. Although WhatsApp has committed that there will be no fee for the features that the app is best known for – such as instant messaging and video and voice calling – it will however, start charging companies for its services.


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Facebook Dating has officially launched in Europe

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Facebook Dating is officially released in Europe following a nine-month delay. The in-app feature seeks matches based on Facebook likes, preferences, and activities. 

The dating site, which occurs as a new tab on the Facebook app, seeks matches based on user likes, preferences, and Facebook activity. Users can send a “like” and a message to another user, or a “Hidden Crush”—similar to a” super-like “on Tinder — to show that they are very interested.


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