Budget 2021 ‘best in country’s history’, Prime Minister says

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Contrary to the belief of PN leader Bernard Grech who stated that this budget ‘ignores tomorrow’, Prime Minister Robert Abela claimed the this budget is the best one in Malta’s history.

Abela highlighted how the 2021 Budget allocates more expenditure to all sectors.

He went on to compare this budget with previous ones made by the Nationalist party, where the 2021 Budget contains no taxation despite the financial urgency brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Budget ‘ignores tomorrow’, PN leader says

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In his first reaction speech broadcasted on Facebook, newly-elected PN Leader Bernard Grech stated that while certain measures were appropriate for the current landscape, the budget as a whole lacks investment in the future.

Grech highlighted the lack of information on the health and tourism sectors whilst also mentioning the inexistent tackling of water and electricity bills in light in light of the recently-exposed Electrogas corruption deal.

He ultimately stated that the PN would succeed where the current Labour government has failed.


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Free internet access for one year to post-secondary students

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

As part of a national academic strategy, of which the ultimate aim is to gradually reduce early school leavers, the Government will be granting a one year free internet access to post-secondary students whilst also regulating online education with the National Commission for Higher Education.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with PwC Malta.


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Further study on underground rail system

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Following the first phase of a study on an alternative means of public transport, a further study will be conducted on the introduction of a metropolitan underground light rail system.

This second phase will include, amongst others, detailed geotechnical investigations, seismic studies and a study on the necessary utilities.

Following this study, the Government will be in a position to decide whether the project is viable or not.

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