Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 will drop on Netflix March 26

Jan 26 2021 Share

That’s right! Everyone’s favourite squad of irreverent lawmakers are coming back to Netflix after what feels like a lifetime as season 7 is set to drop on Netflix UK and Ireland on March 26.

The seventh season will pick up where we left off with Captain Holt following his new journey and the rest of the team at the Nine-Nine enduring their typical trials and tribulations.


Netflix took to Twitter to state that ‘The best day of the year is when we can *actually* give you an answer when you ask where the next season of B99 is. Today is that day,’ and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Manchester United players choose their favourite locations in Malta

Jan 26 2021 Share

As part of Manchester United’s agreement with the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta is the club’s official destination partner and a few of the club’s players had their say on some locations they would visit when holidaying in Malta.

Right off the bat, French midfielder Paul Pogba shared his love of swimming and fish, as long as we don’t have any sharks. His teammates, Swedish centre back Victor Lindelöf and full back Brandon Williams also shared their love of the beach, with Lindelöf saying that Comino would be the perfect place to spend the first day of a holiday.

Throughout the course of the video, shared on Manchester United’s official website, the players individually create their ideal postcard for Malta.


Biden-family dogs Champ and Major arrive at the White House

Jan 26 2021 Share

Now that President Joe Biden has settled into the Oval Office and started flipping the American policy on its head, the latest White House tenants have arrived as the Biden-family German shepherds Champ and Major have been seen at the White House.

In a post shared by Dr. Jill Biden, the dogs can be seen wandering around White House grounds, with the Delaware Human Association co-sponsoring an ‘indoguration’ saluting Major’s climb from a dog shelter to the White House.

Tag a dog lover.

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32-year-old Pakistani arrested over alleged sexual activity with minor

Jan 26 2021 Share

Investigations held by the Malta Force’s Vice Squad and Paola District have led to the arrest of a 32-year-old man from Pakistan in relation to alleged sexual activity with a minor.

Magistrate Dr. Donatella Frendo Dimech LL.D opened the inquiry while police investigations are currently under way.

The man is currently being held under arrest while the police conduct their investigation and is expected to be taken to court in the coming hours.