Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending after its eight and final season

Feb 12 2021 Share

Legendary NBC comedy Brooklyn Nine-nine will be handing in its badge after its eighth and final season following recent considerations of the show’s ‘rethinking’ due to the current police climate in the United States.

Many police shows were criticised due to their lack of awareness on police corruption and brutality in light of last summer’s Black Lives Matter marches triggered by the police killing of George Floyd.

Terry Crews had revealed that the first four episodes had already been dumped and that they had to start over, with Andy Samberg stated that it my not be the right time to be doing a police show at the moment.


Klopp will pay tribute to his mother who passed away at age 81

Feb 11 2021 Share

Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp was unable to travel back to Germany following the death of his mother.

Current COVID-19 restriction kept Klopp from being able to attend his mothers’ funeral. Something which is happening to a number of people world-over.

Klopp said that his mother means everything to him and that as soon as restrictions are lifted, they will hold a wonderful commemoration event as she deserves.


EUROPOL international investigation over cyber-attacks leaves 10 arrested; 1 Maltese 17-year-old boy

Feb 11 2021 Share

A EUROPOL international investigation regarding cyber-attacks targeted towards American high-profile individuals has lead to the arrest of 10 people.

One of the people who have been arrested is a 17-year-old Maltese boy. The alleged criminals are being accused of stealing over $100 million in crypto-currencies.

They are also being accused of stealing personal information pertaining to the victims, and illegally accessing their social media profiles and posting as the victims and answering messages as the victims.

Searches conducted at the residence of the 17-year-old lead to the seizure of various items, including; electronic devices, luxury clothing and other devices allegedly purchased from stolen credit cards.


Rosianne Cutajar insists that sex work should be seen as a legitimate job

Feb 11 2021 Share

Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Rosianne Cutajar has insisted on sex workers being considered to have a legitimate job. She explained that people who make use of the service offered by prostitutes in Malta is seen as someone who is committing a crime.

She argues, however, that some people choose to become a sex worker at their own wills and they consider it to be their job and it should be considered as such.

This will be discussed at Cabinet level in the coming months before a law regarding the above is presented to parliament.