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BRIT awards go for gender-neutral award categories; Brian May does not agree

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After claims from artists like Sam Smith that award shows like the BRIT awards were not inclusive, the BRIT awards themselves actually scrapped the ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories this year and went on to give gender neutral titles such as Artist of the year and international Artist of the year.

The award show organisation claims that it is their goal to ‘celebrate the achievements of artists irrespective of their gender.’

bHe went on to highlight that “a lot of things work quite well and can be left alone” and explained that he gets “sick of people trying to change things without thinking of the long-term consequences.”

What do you make of this?

European champions Italy may face Portugal for a World Cup spot next year

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European champions Italy may face Portugal for a World Cup spot next year

A series of play-off matches to determine who will occupy Europe’s final three spots for the 2022 World Cup may pit European Champions Italy against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in an intense clash of the titans.

On Friday, the draws for the play-off paths to determine Europe’s final spots took place, with Italy to host North Macedonia in the first round and Turkey to take on Portugal. The winners of the aforementioned matches will play against each other for a place at next year’s finals.

Italy failed to qualify for the last World Cup after a crushing loss to Sweden in the play-offs while Portugal have been in every major football tournament since their absence from the 1998 World Cup.


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Madonna slammed Instagram for taking down her most recent post and here’s why

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Madonna slammed Instagram for taking down her most recent post and here's why

“It is still astounding to me that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown except a nipple. As if that is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualised. The nipple that nourishes the baby!”


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A post shared by Madonna (@madonna)

These were the words of 63-year-old pop star Madonna in the midst of her dispute with Instagram after the social media platform took down one of her posts which pictured her on a bed, with a nipple exposed. The pop star claimed issue with the fact that she does not believe that she should have been censored and went on to ask why a man’s nipple could not be considered in the same why, shooting down Instagram’s current guideline bans.

Back in 2012, thousands took part in the #freethenipple campaign, which attempted to create a movement that challenged the old-fashioned convention that men can appear topless in public without it being considered indecent while women could not.

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The celebrities continue: ‘Undisputed’ actor Scott Adkins in Malta for latest film

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Malta has recently welcomed a wave of celebrity visits with everyone from Russell Crowe to the stars of hit series Too Hot To Handle and the latest entertainment star to visit the island is actor and martial artist Scott Adkins.

Adkins, most popularly known for his role as fighter Yuri Boyka in the ‘Undisputed’ films took to Instagram to share a picture of himself posing, with the scenic Maltese landscape behind him.


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A post shared by Scott Adkins (@thescottadkins)

A series of hashtags in Adkins’ post highlight that the actor is location-scouting for his latest film, Accident Man 2, the sequel to a film about an assassin who specialises in disguising his assassinations as accidents. He later took to his stories to share some footage of himself on set being prepared for a scene by make-up artists, so Accident Man 2 may come sooner than we think.

Have you ever seen one of Adkins’ films?


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