Bring Me The Horizon to curate four day concert in Malta next year

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Bring Me The Horizon to curate four day concert in Malta next year

Renowned rock band ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ will be curating a four-day music festival next May in Malta. 

The British band is promising everything from boat parties to live shows, set to take place between 26 to 30th May. The line up will be handpicked by the band itself, and will surely be something to behold. 

Quoted in NME, the music and culture website, frontman Oli Skyes stated that the band is just buzzing to host the festival. It is no doubt that Malta has established itself as a festival hotspot, with the pandemic being the unfortunate deterrent for the past year. 

Skyes, however, said that they are ‘coming up with as much madness as you’d expect from a fully metal, rock festival. 

As well as our headline set we’re also going to be doing a special throwback set with some songs we haven’t played for years, and have an insane line up of friends and guests coming out to perform too. It’s basically going to be the greatest weekend ever.’ 

For the festival, all customers and staff will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In the absence of a certificate, party-goers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours pre-arrival. 


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More justice for the worker – new whistleblower Act amendments

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More justice for the worker - new whistleblower Act amendments

The Ministry for Justice and Governance has announced new amendments to the Whistleblower Act, the law concerning protection to facilitators and those reporting workplace abuse. 

The law was first introduced back in 2013 with the aim of protecting persons and workers who report workplace abuses and other unethical behaviour. 

The Ministry stated that the government is showing how determined it is to protect the worker and that which is just. ‘It is useless to speak in favour of the principles of good governance but then do nothing about them’ stated the Ministry. 

These announced amendments will bring the law in line with the European Directive so that, as a EU member state, Malta achieves common standards in terms of human well being. 

The first amendment proposed will look at how the breaking of laws on the workplace are reported. A specific official will thus be elected and this Whistleblower reporting officer will have the duty of reporting misdemeanour through confidentiality. 

The employee who will be carrying out the report will be protected as their identity will remain anonymous. The facilitator will also be protected. 

The second amendment will introduce important definitions which are not included in the 2013 Act. 

This will include the clarification of terms such as ‘workplace detriment’, ‘employee’ and the ‘keeping of records.’ 

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis stated that it is through such laws that legal practice is ensured and no illegal or abusive actions are hidden.’ 



€52,500 in undeclared cash and magic mushrooms seized in massive Customs busts

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€52,500 in undeclared cash and magic mushrooms seized in massive Customs busts

Customs seized upwards of €52,500 in undeclared cash, 30,800 contraband cigarettes, and several packages of drugs. 

Two passengers boarding the ferry to Sicily were stopped after canine Charlie indicated that an Italian passenger had undeclared cash. 

The passenger stated that he had around €5,000 to €7,000 in cash, but investigations revealed a total of €11,760. 

A second passenger was also stopped. A Syrian man travelling by ferry said he was carrying less than €10,000. In fact, however, he was carrying up to €10,990. 

Two other passengers were stopped at the Malta International Airport, with a Ghanaian man carrying €19,091 on the person and a Burmese national carrying €270 and $12,475. 

30,825 cigarettes were seized from an Msida shop, a private residence and garages in Zejtun. The Zejtun garage alone yielded 13,800 Business Royals Red, all found without an excise stamp. 

Customs officials at the UPS Bond seized two parcels after canine Stan made a positive indication. The packages contained 2.65kg of cannabis between them. Another package addressed to a St Julian’s residence had suspected cannabis seeds. 

Another two small plastic bags contained more suspected seeds and magic mushrooms. Some of the the drugs were hidden in what appeared to be a doll skirt attached to a playing card. 


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Lydia Abela meets US Vice President Kamala Harris at Paris Peace Forum

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Lydia Abela meets US Vice President Kamala Harris at Paris Peace Forum

Lydia Abela, wife of Prime Minister Robert Abela met and shared her experience with US Vice-President Kamala Harris. 

Lydia Abela posted a stunning image to social media, captioning it with some reflective observations. ‘The inequalities which still exist around the world need addressing’ she started her post. 

‘This is not through a sense of charity but because we have an obligation towards every person to work together in order to guarantee a good quality of living for all. This was an important message which emerged during the Paris Peace Forum’ she revealed. 

She went on to state how, alongside her husband, she attended the event organised at the Élysée Palace thanks to an invitation by President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigette. 

‘US Vice-President Kamala Harris’ presence was significant. From large to small countries, we all have a role to play in favour of peace.’ 


Photo Source: Lydia Abela FB

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