Brillanti Dancers bridge social media and stage performance

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Brillanti Dancers bridge social media and stage performance

For this round of Brillanti semifinals, the dancers will have to show that they are up to date with today’s very real industry determinant: social media and TikTok.


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No one was eliminated last week, despite there being very close calls for some dancers during the Brillanti Goes Prop round. 

However, this only means that this round will be more difficult and the judges will be more unrelenting in their decisions.

Joining the judging panel alongside Patrick, Attila, Brenda and Joseph this week will be local singer, songwriter and social media influencer in her own right Gaia Cauchi. 

The panel will be treated to the dancer’s videos before they recreate the dance piece live for the judges. What will the dancers come up with to secure their spot in the next round? 

The final semifinal is, after all, just around the corner…



Maltese creator goes viral after creating AI-generated clip of Joe Biden catching & eating fish

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Maltese creator goes viral after creating AI-generated clip of Joe Biden catching & eating fish

A Maltese creator has gone viral after posting an AI-generated clip of United States president Joe Biden catching and eating a live fish.

@surelyempty what is bro doing 💀 #ai #aigenerated #aiart #aigeneratedart #aigeneratedimages #aivideos #fyp #fypシ #fypage #foryou #foryoupage #viral #xyzbca #quotes #funnyvideos #funnyvideo #biden #joebiden #bidenbloopers ♬ 8AM – ADTurnUp

With over 650,000 views and counting, Bradley Spiteri A.K.A. @surelyempty’s artificially-generated clip has amassed thousands of likes, comments and shares from viewers around the world.

As impressive as it is entertaining, the eerie video sheds light on the capabilities of AI, with many wondering where the technology could take humanity in a few years.

This is not the first time that the creator has struck gold with his videos, with a previous AI-generated video of Kurt Cobain playing the guitar with his daughter Frances garnering over 50,000 views.

What do you make of these videos?


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‘Apocalyptic’ floods hit Northern Italy leaving 14 dead & thousands displaced

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'Apocalyptic' floods hit Northern Italy leaving 14 dead & thousands displaced

A series of ‘apocalyptic’ floods have devastated a number of cities in Northern Italy, with at least 14 dead and thousands forced to flee their homes after 21 river banks burst in the Emilia-Romagna province.

Entire towns have been submerged, with similar floods and landslides causing chaos in Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia as climate-related catastrophes remain on the rise in the South of Europe.

Now-viral videos on TikTok, Twitter and other social media platforms show pedestrians see the ground collapse before their very eyes as they join thousands of citizens attempt to secure safe surroundings. The province’s Civil Protection Department has set up a fundraising campaign to support communities affecting by the flooding.

Multiple news outlets, including ‘The Guardian’ have been calling the disaster ‘Italy’s worst flooding for 100 years’.

Photo Source: The Local Italy / The New York Times


Dairy-free, egg-free or following a specific diet? Misura’s nutritious products are here for you

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If you’re always busy and on the go, then the Biscotti al Miele are your new best friend. They are portion packed biscuits for easy, tasty and on-the-go snacking. But Misura isn’t just about convenience, for a delightful treat, you have a wide selection of Biscuits, Cornetti, and Tortine which are perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea too. Misura Privolat can truly be enjoyed by anyone at any time of day, be it breakfast or for a satisfying snack. These products are so good that even if you’re not following a specific diet you would want to taste them!

Why settle for ordinary when you can choose Misura? Since its launch, Misura has risen to the top as a benchmark brand in the world of dietary wellness. Their products are not only wholesome and nutritionally balanced, but they also offer dynamism, empowering consumers to make choices that align with their unique healthy lifestyle. Misura also prides itself in respecting the environment. Misura uses 100% recyclable packaging and optimises its products to limit the total packaging used.

No matter how you define wellness, Misura has a world of products tailored just for you. With Misura, you have the freedom to be and stay well, on your own terms!

The Privolat range comes in a variety of delicious flavours, so there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and diets.

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