Brillanti auditions close as last quarter finalists chosen!

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Brillanti auditions close as last quarter finalists chosen!

The last auditions for Brillanti Dance have officially come to a close, amassing a cohort of 25 quarter finalists who will move on to the next challenging stage of the competition. 

Judges Andrea Attila, Patrick Odametey and Brenda Lee Grech, accompanied by host Joseph Chetcuti, will now be testing the contestants with bigger challenges as the level sky-rockets.

But of course, we cannot go forward without announcing this week’s audition highlights who made it to the next stage. 

First up was the majestic mover Nicole Chetcuti, followed by the dynamic duo Chloe Scicluna and Miguel Azzopardi Portelli. They were soon followed by Julia Cassola’s vibrant energy and Cheetah, who brought the funk style of Locking all the way from Japan. 

Last but not least were the two ‘maybe’ auditions who secured a spot in the quarter finals – these included the sharp and clean Charlotte Stivala as well as Elisa Cassar who showed the judges her perfected flamenco skill.

From now on, it’s all about to get even harder, as those chosen will have to go directly head-to-head in the next phase. What challenges will the judges introduce to our quarter finalists? Watch Brillanti next week on ONE at 2030hrs to find out.


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Riots run rampant in France as government increases retirement age to 64

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Large crowds of protestors clashed with French police this week after the French government forced through a pension age increase bill without a parliamentary vote.


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Waves of protestors met on Place de la Concorde after the retirement age was increased from 62 to 64, with initial plans sparking a wave of political debate and strikes across the nation.

Following the decision, thousands took to the streets of Paris and other cities to express the rejection of the move, raising union flags to the sky as they sang the national anthem. As the evening fell, fires were lit at Place de la Concorde as police with riots shields and batons sprayed tear gas to clear the square.

Paris police told AFP new agency that 120 people were arrested by nightfall.

As trade unions maintain their position on such a change, another day of demonstrations is reportedly scheduled for Thursday 23rd March.


Photo: @Vinay_218 on Twitter / Video: @TheNPCShow on Twitter

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Maltese minister Clifton Grima appointed Chairperson amongst EU Socialists & Democrats group

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Maltese minister Clifton Grima appointed Chairperson amongst EU Socialists & Democrats group

Maltese Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima has been selected as Chairperson amongst all European education ministers forming part of the EU group of Socialists and Democrats.

This is the first time a Maltese Education Minister occupied such a prestigious role, with the minister himself pledging to strive to keep Malta on the forefront whilst creating the best opportunities for youth.

Through this new role, Grima will play an important part within the EU Socialist and Democrat group, moderating informal meetings amongst fellow education minister ahead of formal meetings within the Council of Europe.

“This is only possible by ensuring accessibility and abilities which, in turn, our children can develop entirely with them”, Grima wrote in a recent Facebook post.



AIDAN drops tracklist for debut album ahead of 31st March release date

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As AIDAN continues to tease the March 31st release of his debut album ‘This is Aidan’, the local singer-songwriter has dropped a new video revealing the tracklist.

With intense, pumpy music in the background, the video gave a track-by-track rundown of what fans can expect from the local favourite’s upcoming album.

With new tracks like Pupa, Sweet Talk, Blu, Loving Myself, Strawberry and Hey Anna alongside beloved singles like Ritmu, Reġina and Naħseb Fik, as well as the collaboration with Ira Losco ‘RIP’, Aidan’s loyal fanbase is definitely in for a treat.

Malta’s own pop queen Ira Losco even took to the comments in anticipation of the artist’s release and their collaboration, commenting “Hard work pays off! Well Done!”

Which track are you most looking forward to?


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