Brass House Unit celebrate 8th year anniversary with stylish rebranding

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On their 8th year anniversary, local music group Brass House Unit are celebrating their past and future with a gorgeous rebrand ahead of a stint of exciting shows.

Since their first concert at the University of Malta in 2014, the Brass House Unit built a very good reputation, with the mind behind the collective Kevin Abela stating that he is constantly looking for opportunities for growth with the mantra “Good is never enough”.

“Brass House Unit is my baby so I always want the best for it.”

“I always try to think outside the box like we did with our successful ‘Disco Royale’ nights. In these changing times, I want Brass House Unit to continue growing and that is what instigated the rebrand this year”, he stated.

Abela told Malta Daily that Brass House Unit is not just another “function” band, constantly striving to better themselves and push the envelope ahead of another new concept this New Years Eve in Valletta.


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Speaking about the future of Brass House Unit, Abela intends to take it to the next level and showcase the brand’s product internationally and hitting the big stages.

“Together with our incredible team made up of musicians, singers and sound engineers who work tirelessly to earn the reputation that BHU now has, I believe that we have all the foundations in place to reach that goal!”

With a new rebrand and a number of exciting shows lined up, make sure you keep an eye on Brass House Unit!


Activists protesting in Msida calls for safer roads, better buses & priority for walking and cycling

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Moviment Graffitti, together with Friends of the Earth Malta, Rota and Extinction Rebellion took to the streets of Msida to protest, calling for direct action and demanding for prioritisation of ‘People Over Petrol’.

In a recent social media post, Moviment Graffitti listed the Maltese socio-environmental activist groups’ demands of direction action, with the three main ones being better bus service, prioritisation of walking and cycling and safer roads.

Demonstrators held cardboard signs with strong messages such as ‘The Marsa project wasted €70 million’, ‘Safer roads? 2022 Malta’s deadliest year on the roads’ and ’33 million commuters 435 bus routes?’, amongst others.

Followers of the protest were urged to send a letter to the Transport Minister on the matter and support the movement.

What do you make of this protest?


These two photos, taken 7 weeks apart, show how fast the UK changed

These two photos, taken 7 weeks apart, show how fast the UK changed
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A set of two photos taken precisely 7 weeks apart shines a light on how quickly the structure of the United Kingdom’s leadership changed.

With the photos showing the traditional ceremony of the monarch meeting the prime minister-in-waiting, one snap shows Queen Elizabeth II shaking hands with short-lived prime Minister Liz Truss while the other shows King Charles III exchanging pleasantries with current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

In the 7 weeks between the two photos, the United Kingdom went into national mourning, economic turmoil and political crisis, all whilst struggling to handle the country’s change in leadership.

The Queen met Truss on September 6th, dying only two days later after 70 years on the throne. Following a 45-day crash-and-burn for Truss, former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak was elected as PM, now attempting to make the UK come to grips with its ongoing turmoil.

What does the future hold for the UK’s top brass?


How to Plan Bookie Business in 2022

How to Plan Bookie Business in 2022
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Online gambling has won over the hearts of many punters worldwide. Today, most bettors prefer wagering online to doing so at a physical casino, and the statistics show it. 

Within the realm of online betting, there is a very large pool of people dedicated to sports gambling. As of late 2021, the market size of sports wagering was 65 billion, and it is projected to grow to 135 billion within just 7 years. Because professional bookies get to keep 5 – 10% of all bets made, it is easy to see how starting a bookie business could be very lucrative. 

What is a Bookie? 

A bookie, or a bookmaker, is a person or organisation that sets gambling odds for sports games. A bookmaker receives all the losses and pays out winnings to the bettors. Online oddsmakers determine odds by studying the sports industry and taking into account various factors like the opinion of experts, online statistics, precedents, and new developments. 

In the past, odds were set by humans, usually sports enthusiasts who meticulously study the unique competitive atmosphere surrounding each sports event before setting the odds. Nowadays, gambling software is used to set the odds instead of human intelligence. It achieves this by mining relevant data from the databases on the internet and processing it. A prime example of these kinds of soft is Nuxgame software. 

What Makes a Bookmaker Stand Out? 

Several factors set certain bookmakers apart from others. One of those factors is the availability of options. Punters want to be able to wager on any sports event of their choice, whether it be local or international. This is why software with a wide range of options is so vital. 

Another thing that helps bookies develop loyal customers is how user-friendly their software is. The key thing for investors to keep in mind when planning a bookie business is to pick software that satisfies all the needs consumers might have. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Successful Bookie Business in 2022 

The easiest way to establish an online bookie brand is by acquiring the services of betting software for bookies. By using white label software, investors save themselves the hassle of building an industry-worthy bookmaking software from the ground up and enjoy massive profits without having to do all the technical work involved. 

The following steps outline the path entrepreneurs need to take if they desire to carve a niche for themselves in the sports gambling world. 


There is a need for all-encompassing market analysis. The most vital questions that should be raised include:

  • What are the most prominent needs among punters today? 
  • How can one create a business model to meet these needs?  
  • What geographic location represents the bulk of potential customers? 
  • How does one adjust the business plan to satisfy the needs of bettors in this specific geographic location? 

Formulating a Plan

After the research stage, it is time to put everything that has been learned into action. There needs to be a strategy for managing the financial resources available and maximising profits. There is also a need to put a great deal of thought into the white label software that will be used, the payment options that will be available, and the ways through which the new brand will be marketed to potential consumers. 

Choosing a Betting Software

It is expeditious to choose software that possesses all the features required while remaining affordable. A bookie software should have over 60000 sports events for players to bet on, all the popular leagues, lots of languages, and an easy-to-navigate interface. 

To make it easier to increase customer satisfaction, white label software should also offer business owners analytics and other relevant data regarding the users. 

Final Thoughts

NuxGame ticks all the boxes for all the top features of good white label software. With over 70000+ sports events at any given time, a wide range of sports games, and exclusive odds, NuxGame brings to you all you ever need as a bookie brand. 

Kick-starting a sports betting business is not an easy task – it requires a great deal of planning and strategising. The main thing to always remember is to put customer satisfaction first and provide services that are right for your target audience.