Boris Johnson under immense pressure following lockdown party revelation

 - COVID-19 - Jan 14
Boris Johnson under immense pressure following lockdown party revelation

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political future is currently in major risk after he left the country enraged in light of the recent ‘bring your own booze’ lockdown party revelations.

Johnson’s fellow Conservatives clamped down on the Prime Minister’s actions and reactions after he was forced to apologise for his wrongdoings. Not only was the PM’s apology ill-received, but his actions sent the country into a frenzy after they were forced to stick to strict COVID-19 measures, disallowing them from visiting sick or dying loved ones.

Johnson urged the public to await inquiry findings, with some cabinet members supporting him after his apology while others such as finance minister and potential successor Rishi Sunak remained relatively tepid in their support of Johnson. Scotland Conservatives leader Douglas Ross called for Johnson’s resignation while Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis labelled the PM’s apology as “very, very sincere.” 

The country’s political crisis looks like it will not come into resolve anytime soon as it remains divided over the actions of a number of its key political figures including Johnson himself while many were able to say their goodbyes to dying relatives as a result of following the country’s COVID-19 protocol.

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