Boris Johnson to begin 4-step plan to lift England’s lockdown

Feb 22 2021 Share

By 8 March, Boris Johnson seeks to ease lockdown measures, opening up schools as well as other extra-curricular activities.

All students will be returning to their desks and are free for meet ups with one other friend. 29 March will then make it possible for larger groups of six people or two households to meet outside and in other private areas.

This is the first stage of a four part plan enacted by Johnson towards a return to normal. Periods of five weeks will be used to analyse COVID details before every phase and expected to be completed by late June.

The government is also planning on offering all UK adults vaccine by end of July.


Malta Music Monday is back for another week of local music

Feb 22 2021 Share

Another week means another Malta Music Monday and we’re in store for a big one this week! We approach the end of February with a few big ones from beloved local artists and the ones below are some of our favourites.


Matthew James, Dav.Jr, Micimago – Recovering

The trio Malta didn’t know it needed! ‘Recovering’ is the latest single by beloved singer-songwriters Matthew James and Dav.Jr and Gozitan electronic music maestro Micimago for an electronic-infused tune that will surely find a comfortable spot in your Spotify.

Aidan – Heart Emoji

Debuting just in time for Valentine’s Day earlier this month, Aidan has been dishing out one pop hit after the other and Heart Emoji is no exception. The bouncy pop bop is just what we needed to brighten up our playlists.

Gaia – Message

Malta’s young pop starlet returns with a break-up anthem which sent shivers down our spine. Accompanied by a stone-cold music video featuring Gaia herself, ‘Message’ is a deep, raw look into the artist’s mind and we can’t wait to hear more!


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“Vaccine immunity is between 10 and 18 times stronger than natural immunity” – Dr. Chris Barbara

Feb 22 2021 Share

In a TVAM interview on Monday morning, virologist Dr. Chris Barbara stated that it is calculated that immunity developed from the vaccine is between 10 and 18 times stronger than the natural immunity developed after contracting the virus.

Dr. Barbara went on to express the importance of taking the COVID-19 vaccine, even if one had already contracted the virus due to natural immunity not lasting too long.

The virologist also revealed that the most common variants are those of the United Kingdom and Brazil and since they are more contagious, these variants are quickly taking the place of the original virus and if we continue to work to mitigate their spread, they will decrease rapidly.


Ronaldinho’s mother dies after contracting COVID-19

Feb 22 2021 Share

Early this morning, Brazilian media reported that football legend Ronaldinho’s mother has died due to COVID-19 complications.

The former Barcelona star’s mother, Miguelina, was admitted to hospital after contracting the virus in December and died at the age of 71.

Many fellow footballers got in touch with Ronaldinho to give their condolences, amongst them Messi who sent the Brazilian ‘a lot of strength and a big hug’ for the whole family via Instagram message.