Booster COVID-19 jabs in September for highly vulnerable groups

 - COVID-19 - Aug 5
Booster jabs in September for highly vulnerable groups

Speaking during a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed that immunocompromised individuals will be receiving their booster COVID-19 vaccine in mid-September. Addressing the vaccine, immunity and the booster shot, Fearne revealed that discussions were under way during the past few days. Experts alongside Fearne looked at four main important considerations. 

These included the immunity in a community to analyse whether the defence against COVID-19 decreased after six months. Fearne stated how so far there was no significant decrease in immunity for those who got the jab six months ago. He also highlighted how people who could not develop immunity due to certain conditions were also being considered as well as the vaccine’s effectiveness over the whole population. 

The Health Minister stated how social factors are being considered alongside variants of COVID-19 and the threat they pose. The decision taken so far, which can be modified depending on the latest information, is that starting mid-September, immunocompromised individuals will be receiving invites by post with dates, locations and times in order to receive their booster shot. Residents in pension homes will also receive the booster but it will be administer in the residence. 


Photo Source: Sky News

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