Bidnija Farm Revises Planning Use Application

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Bidnija Farm Revises Planning Use Application

A planning application for additional uses to a Bidnija sheep farm has been revised to propose dedicating more space to the animals. The new application no longer requests to convert some of the space to a farmer’s quarters and two guest rooms that were intended for agritourism.

The revised application was filed by farmer Jason Vella, who comes from a farming family and is well-known in the industry for producing cheeselets. “We tried to do everything by the book and it backfired because people misinterpreted our intentions. This project was always intended as a sheep farm that creates fresh local produce” he said.

“We simply wanted to provide visitor access so guests could watch the process. In line with practices around the world, we proposed to add two guest rooms, in which case it would make sense to have the farmer sleep there too.”

“However, given the reaction from the public, we decided to scrap those plans and simply request visitor access. The rest of the space will be used to house more sheep,” Vella said, adding that there was never any intention to build more of the site or to extend any of the property.

There was never any attempt to change the use from farming to anything else. The goal was simply to add ancillary uses over and above the farming, to provide a more holistic experience to potential visitors. The farm, which was built in 2019 after obtaining planning permission, is already operational and hosts a number of sheep. 

This new planning application will allow the number of sheep hosted at the property to be tripled. Built to be 100% eco-friendly and self-sustainable, the farm gets its water needs from rainwater harvesting and its energy needs from solar panels, while using manure to fertilise the nearby fields.


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Ian Borg reacts to Russian UN representative’s harsh criticism of Malta presidency

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Ian Borg reacts to Russian UN representative's harsh criticism of Malta presidency

Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Minister Ian Borg has stated that Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya’s harsh remarks towards Malta’s Security Council presidency were expected, as were the many other states’ words of praise.


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Speaking to Malta Daily while in New York for Malta’s UN Security Council Presidency, Minister Borg stated that Nebenzya’s comments on Malta’s presidency were anticipated since Malta called for a debate on Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. Borg went on to state that the Maltese delegation also welcomed other states thanking Malta for its leadership during the month of February.

On February 24, the Russian Representative criticised Malta’s leadership, stating “we regret the fact that the Maltese president time and time again ignored the procedures of the council and placed its national position, the position of the EU above the presidency.”

“We must acknowledge that Malta is not carrying out this tasks… There is no added value to expand the council with Western countries because you are turning the council into your own instrument”, Nebenzya stated.


Photo Source: Bloomberg / Malta Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ministry

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Zendaya set to make $1 million an episode for Euphoria role

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Zendaya set to make $1 million an episode for Euphoria role

Zendaya is set to reportedly get a massive raise ahead of the third season of the hit HBO series Euphoria. 

According to Matthew Belloni at Puck, the 26-year-old actress is reportedly set to earn around $1 million per episode of the series. Despite the series being an ensemble piece, Zendaya being the narrator and arguably the most prominent star on the show could’ve led to her new salary deal.

The $1 million mark is notable for having been achieved by the entire cast of sitcom FRIENDS during the show’s final three seasons. 

Zendaya would still be paid significantly less than the FRIENDS cast due to inflation but hey, a million is a million. This would likely make Zendaya’s pay the highest of the show, which is one of HBO’s most popular current series on offer. 

Euphoria follows a group of high school students as they navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media.



3 hospitalised following car crash in Attard Central Link

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3 hospitalised following car crash in Attard Central Link

Yesterday, at around 1900hrs, police were informed that their assistance was needed in the Ħ’Attard Central Link.

From preliminary investigations, it was discovered that a crash had occurred between a Toyota Vitz driven by a 53-year-old man resident of Ħaż-Żabbar and a Porsche Cayenne driven by a 39-year-old man resident of Attard.

A 50-year-old woman resident of Imsida was riding passenger in the Toyota. A medial team and Civil Protection Department officers gave their assistance to the persons in the Toyota as they were taken to Mater Dei. 

The woman was certified as having suffered serious injuries whereas the 53-year-old man was certified as having suffered grievous injuries. Later on, the 39-year-old man was taken to Mater Dei due to suffering shock.

Magistrate Dr Victor Axiak was informed of the case and opened an inquiry. Police investigations are still ongoing. 


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