Biden to nominate Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation

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Joe Biden picked his former rival, Pete Buttigieg as Secretary for Transport.

This also makes Pete Buttigieg the first openly gay member of a US Presidential Cabinet. Buttigieg said that he is,

“honoured that President-elect Joe Biden has asked me to serve our nation as Secretary of Transportation, joining the extraordinary team that he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are assembling to lead our country forward.”


Hugo’s Burger Bar just launched their Deluxe Turkey Burger

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Do you like Christmas? Do you like burgers? Then you’ll LOVE Hugo’s Burger Bar’s latest creation, the limited edition DELUXE Turkey Burger!

Their brand-new seasonal burger contains a very Christmas-y turkey patty, guacamole, onions, cherry tomato chutney, cranberry mayo and lettuce, encased in a fluffy Hugo’s Burger brioche bun.

The Deluxe Turkey Burger is the 19th burger on the Hugo’s Burger Bar menu and whether you love chicken, beef, turkey, salmon or anything in between, they’ve got you covered.


Everyone loves a good seasonal treat and the Deluxe Turkey Burger has definitely just topped our must-try list for December.


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db Group reduce tower height after public’s reactions

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db Group has decided to reduce its tower height at the ITS project along with other amendments due to the reactions from the public.

There will be two towers instead of one now and each tower will be built at a height of 17 storeys instead of 31.


Prof. Edward Scicluna addresses resignation; to resign in the coming days

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In a Parliamentary statement on Tuesday, former Finance Minister Professor Edward Scicluna stated that he will be resigning as a Member of Parliament in the coming days.

Professor Scicluna highlighted his ‘overall pleasant’ experience during his time in politics and close to 8 years within Parliament and thanked his fellow members, parliamentary staff and others.

He concluded by encouraging others to enter the political scene so that they can contribute to the country to the best of their abilities.


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