Bernard Grech urges PM to stop ‘teasing’ election date

 - Budget 2022 - Oct 25
Bernard Grech urges PM to stop 'teasing' election date

Addressing a political activity yesterday, Opposition leader Bernard Grech lashed out at Prime Minister Robert Abela for refusing to clarify when the next general election will take place. The topic has been on everyone’s mind for the past couple of months as the end of Labour’s term in government draws nearer, but the Prime Minister has not unveiled any information about the election. Grech said that this points to the PM ‘having fun’ by not telling the public this otherwise crucial information.

Rumors of a November election have been spreading wild, and the Nationalist Party leader has stated that as the Christmas holidays commence, businesses need to plan for this festive period and not be worrying about such an announcement. ‘Businesses have suffered enough, don’t increase their suffering with your cheek’ said Grech. Abela’s focus instead seems to be in implementing the budget, but he did tease some information by stating that it’s the people that will get to decide if this latest budget is implemented or not.


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