Bernard Grech celebrates 52nd birthday

Bernard Grech celebrates 52nd birthday
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Leader of the Nationalist Party Bernard Grech is celebrating his 52nd birthday today, 9th June 2023. 

Taking to social media, he posted a photo of himself with his wife AnneMarie, thanking those who wished him well on his birthday and saying that he will be spending the day with his loved ones.

On her part, AnneMarie Grech also posted to say that this day reminds her of how many moments and adventures the two share together.

‘I keep cherishing and appreciating the time we find to spend together and with our children, as well as the respect and support we give each other.’ 

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we would like to wish Bernard Grech a happy 52nd birthday!


NGO Żibel find dead ray in shipwreck illegal net

NGO Żibel find dead ray in shipwreck illegal net
Jun 9 2023 Share

NGO Żibel took to social media to raise awareness for World Ocean’s Day 2023 by pointing how they have collected close to 100 nets within 3 years. 

‘The health of our seas dictates our future’, wrote the NGO, explaining how the most recent net was found on the Hephaestus wreck at Xatt l-Aħmar, Gozo.

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‘Amongst the dead fish there was also a small ray’ said the NGO, explaining that despite it being illegal to fish on wrecks, nets and cages on at least 2 other wrecks have been sent to them this month. 

With wrecks being a refuge for marine life, nets get stuck to them when fishermen get too close to the sunken vessel, creating hazards for divers as well as marine life. 

The NGO thanked all divers who report nets to them, and said that they aim to be on site as soon as the weather permits to minimise the damage that can be done. 


Asthma attacks more common for Malta’s central residents

Asthma attacks more common for Malta's central residents
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According to information tabled in parliament by Health Minister Chris Fearne in response to a parliamentary question by PN MP Albert Buttigieg, asthma attacks are much more common for those living in Malta’s central regions. 

The Northern Harbour and Southern Harbour District registered the highest amount of discharges due to Asthma by region. 

In 2022, the Northern Harbour district registered 145 total discharges, followed by the southern harbour district at 123. Comparatively, Gozo saw just 1 in 2022. 

Meanwhile, the Northern district saw 86 cases, the south eastern 57, and the western district 60. For this year, between January and February 2023, the same district registered the highest once again at 33 and 32 respectively. 

Meanwhile, the age group most admitted to hospital due to asthma was the 65 to 74 group, with 81 cases in 2022. However, between January and February 2023, it was the 75 to 84 age group who registered the highest, but this would be too early to make a prediction based on just the two first months of the year. 

What do you make of this?


Neil Agius celebrates 37th birthday ahead of 100

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Neil Agius celebrated his 37th birthday just ahead of his attempt at undertaking a 100 mile swim, taking some time to rest and enjoy some cake and heartfelt messages. 

The athlete celebrated his 37th ‘trip around the sun a little bit different than usual, resting and recovering for the journey that lies ahead.’ 

Neil has been training for the upcoming 70 hours of swimming as he makes his way from Mallorca to Ibiza. 

‘Listening to my body and understanding it’s limits is something I am trying to do more and more’, he explained. ‘I’ll be honest it’s not easy as my body just seems to keep giving.’


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Sharing an image of his birthday cake as well as a supportive drawing by ‘The Coffee Club: Nathalie Anastasi’, he is officially gearing up for the challenge ahead which is set to take place later this month. 

The potentially record-breaking initiative will all go towards raising more awareness about saving the world’s oceans and seas from pollution and other negative impacts.

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we wish Neil a happy 37th birthday and massive good luck for the challenge ahead!