Beloved Ħamrun Alfred’s kiosk set to reopen this Good Friday 7th

Beloved Ħamrun Alfred's kiosk set to reopen this Good Friday 7th
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They’re officially back! Beloved Ħamrun kiosk ‘Alfred’s Since 1975’ will be returning to serve us fresh ftajjar or that cappuccino we all need after a long day. 

The kiosk had to shift operations after a fire burned down the central establishment, serving their customers from a nearby cafeteria. 


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But now, the kiosk can officially start to serve from the newly refurbished establishment starting Friday 7th from 0700hrs. ‘We have missed you so much’ the kiosk wrote on social media. 

Alfred’s was well known from serving everything from wraps, pasta, pizza, pastries and almost every food item you could imagine. 


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Hundreds blue ‘by the wind’ sailor jellyfish takeover Xlendi and Armier

Hundreds blue 'by the wind' sailor jellyfish takeover Xlendi and Armier
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Marine biologist Alan Deidun took to social media to share more images of the Velella velella jellyfish, known in common parlance as ‘mini sailing boats’, taking over Xlendi and Armier. 

The jellyfish, known as ‘qlugħ’ in Maltese for it’s sail-like top, can be seen in a massive ‘innocuous colony of polyps attached to the same raft.’ 

Deidun has previously shared images of the same species taking over the Gozitan Xatt l-Aħmar and the southern coast of Malta. 

Information about this jellyfish can be found on the Spot the Jellyfish Campaign identification manual, which reveals that it has a low irritation sting. 

‘It is frequently found in the Mediterranean, especially during spring. It can form dense aggregations extending for kilometres on the sea surface. Specialised floating sea slugs and sea snails find it to be a delicious snack!’ 


Lassana Cisse’s loved ones still awaiting justice 4 years on

Lassana Cisse's loved ones still awaiting justice 4 years on
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On April 6th 2019, 42-year-old Lassana Cisse from the Ivory Coast was shot and killed in Birżebbuġa, Malta in a racially motivated attack.

4 years later after the murder, which left two other victims left for dead, 44 activist groups issued a call to the Maltese government to stress that that racism and prejudice will not be tolerated. 

The two suspects were identified as off-duty AFM soldiers who ‘allegedly targeted the victims because of their skin colours. They had already run over a young man from Chad, May Malimi, a few months before.

‘Four years on and Lassana’s family and the other 3 victims are still waiting for the excruciatingly slow wheels of justice to turn, whilst the suspects are out on bail.’

The aditus foundation compiled a timeline of the known instances of institutional neglect and racialised violence towards Malta’s migrants and asylum-seekers since 2002. 

‘The Government needs to stress that racism and prejudice will not be tolerated’ the groups said in a joint statement. ‘Only then can we start to see real change in the public and private sectors. The Government must demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that justice is served and that such acts of racial violence will not go unpunished. Words are simply not enough!’ 

‘The killing of Lassana is a tragic reminder that we must continue to fight against all forms of racism and bigotry. We stand in solidarity with the family and friends of Lassana, the other 3 victims, and all those who have been affected by racial violence.’


Mixed weather ahead for the weekend: sunshine, wind & clouds

Mixed weather ahead for the weekend: sunshine, wind & clouds
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It’s as if the weather doesn’t seem ready to commit to a single pattern for this upcoming weekend. 

As we try to bring you the forecast for this weekend, so you can make your plans and get ready to blow off some built up work steam, we’ll be first greeted with mainly cloudy weather on Friday.

The temperatures are set to feel like 17 degrees Celsius, with lows of 10 degrees. The cloudy cover will somewhat unravel on Saturday, but we’ll still have the same temperature levels. 

The sun will be ready to fully emerge in it’s almost full brightness on Sunday 9th April, with temperatures feeling like 18 degrees celsius – a little nudge from the previous 17. 

So we’ll have pockets of sunlight and clear skies to enjoy our weekend before Monday comes along with a windy forecast to introduce us to the work week once again.