Beloved Carnival King Pawlu L-Pampalun Passes Away

Beloved Carnival King Pawlu L-Pampalun Passes Away
Nov 8 2023 Share

Pawlu Curmi, better known locally as il-Pampalun, considered the father of Maltese carnival, has sadly passed away on his 92nd birthday.

The carnival legend’s death came as a shock to many, with people flocking to social media to recount their wholesome memories with the jubilant figure. 

European President Roberta Metsola too shared a photo of herself with Pawlu, pointing out how he made thousands of children, men and women, Maltese and tourist, happy. 

‘The king of carnival. Always with a smile, always jubilant. Always on the front, on the carnival floats, dancing and singing’. 

Rest in Peace Pawlu. Carnival will never be the same without you. 


‘Shoving 25 Residents Into An Apartment Is Undignified’, Robert Abela

'Shoving 25 Residents Into An Apartment Is Undignified', Robert Abela
Nov 8 2023 Share

Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed concerns about worker exploitation and overcrowded living conditions in Malta, countering the Opposition’s portrayal of the country’s reliance on foreign labor. 

The prime minister that it is not right for apartment owners to bring in large groups of residents into an apartment the day after the police addressed the situation.

Abela declared an end to the tolerance of those who exploit workers for personal gain, particularly criticizing temping agencies that bring in foreigners every six months and shoving them into small apartments. 


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Next week, a draft of laws to regulate these agencies will be presented in the cabinet meeting, granting Maltese authorities full control. Abela emphasized the importance of upholding socialist values, ensuring dignified treatment for all workers regardless of their background.

He also outlined a distinction between fees for renewing work permits and obtaining new ones, aiming to discourage high turnover practices and encourage companies to invest in employee training. Abela firmly stated that it is time to address the issue of profiting from overcrowded shared accommodations.


Over 770,000 Passengers Pass Through Malta Airport In October

Over 770,000 Passengers Pass Through Malta Airport In October
Nov 8 2023 Share

In October, Malta International Airport saw a surge in passenger traffic, with 771,253 travellers passing through its gates, marking a 9.6% increase from 2019. 

Additionally, seat capacity rose by 6.4%, though high demand resulted in an impressive 84.7% seat load factor (SLF) for the month.

The leading markets for October were Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain. Italy, France, and Spain notably surpassed their 2019 figures by 47%, 53%, and 3% respectively. 

However, the United Kingdom and Germany experienced slower recoveries, with declines of 17% and 23% compared to 2019.

The positive performance from January to October, along with optimistic expectations for November and December, prompted Malta International Airport to revise its traffic forecast. The airport now anticipates welcoming 7.8 million passengers by the close of 2023.


Winners Announced In The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Restaurant Survey 2023

Winners Announced In The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Restaurant Survey 2023
Nov 7 2023 Share

In the world of upscale dining, every nuance matters. The ambiance, the service, the presentation, and of course the taste, all come together to create a memorable experience. Did the sommelier’s wine recommendation elevate the main course? Was the dessert as enchanting as the setting sun? Every dining experience is about ensuring that every visit is not just a meal, but an experience worth cherishing.

Thanks to The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta & Gozo annual restaurant survey supported by the MTA, Global Payments and Nestle that was conducted on September 2023 regular diners were asked to rate their favourite restaurants that they had visited in the last year for Food, Service and Ambience and to give their comments. This innovative annual study involves researching over 2,000 catering establishments in both Malta & Gozo. With our objective in mind to establish Malta as the gastronomic centre of the Mediterranean, the people’s choice ensures an objective list of the very best in catering across our islands to date.

This year we had a great response with 4,143 participants in the survey, dining out on an average 1-2 times per week – a total of 323,154 dining experiences in a year. The results of the survey are analysed by an impartial, independent market research company, based in US, which specialises in data analysis and the top rated 150 restaurants will then feature, at no cost to them, in the upcoming edition of The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Malta & Gozo 2024 which will be launched during the lavish Restaurants Awards Gala Dinner ceremony held on Monday 4th December.To see the latest results, purchase our Guide 2024 (23rd) Edition by visiting our website here. 

Below are the winners and all those shortlisted in The Definitive(ly) Good Guide survey. Heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in the survey and sponsored prizes & congratulations to all!

A Luxury 2 night stay at the Hilton Malta Bed & Breakfast – Stephanie Vassallo

1 Night for 2 in a Deluxe Sea View Room at Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa, including breakfast and dinner at Atrio Bar & Restaurant – Robyn Marshal 

1 Night for 2 in a Superior Room, including Breakfast at the Phoenicia Malta – Lizzi Lowel 

A voucher from the exclusive Dical House – Mariah Ferry Camilleri 

4 Vouchers at 100 Euro each to be redeemed at the Food Emporium Vini e Capricci by Abraham’s Gozo – Jessica Coppini, Doryne Abela, Nina Brydolf, Philippa Delia

Two pack of Riedel Veloce Cabernet/Merlot – Francesca Muscat 

Eco compact in Chrome with 6 extra Filters From Tapp Water Malta Ltd – Gabi Mizzi 

10 Copies of the Definitely Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta & Gozo 2024 edition including the results of the survey to runners up – Denise Cassar, Victoria Bamford, Kristin Zammit, Paul Aquilina, Emma Cluet, Suzanne Micallef Stafrace, Donna Agius, Anthea Camilleri, Jacob Reid, Jane Rohdin.