Beloved actor Hector Bruno sheds light on a dark situation

Dec 19 2020 Share

Hector Bruno took to Facebook on Friday to shed light on a dark phase in his life following major surgery only a few weeks after the death of his mother and a week after the death of his stage mate, George Micallef.

Bruno’s comment section was soon flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of comments, writing some words of encouragement and wishing the actor a speedy recovery.

He concluded his post by stating that he is slowly trying to recover, and in such trying times, we can’t help but wish the beloved actor the speediest of recoveries and brighter days in 2021.


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Twitter joins Facebook and YouTube by banning COVID-19 Vaccine false information

Dec 18 2020 Share

Twitter has now joined Facebook and YouTube in their efforts towards removing as much false information as possible related to COVID-19 vaccinations.

All three platforms have started to regulate information regarding the vaccine since a substantial amount of information was being shared.


Prime Minister Robert Abela not required to quarantine

Dec 18 2020 Share

Following French President testing positive for COVID-19, Prime Minister, Robert Abela was not identified as one of the European Leaders who needs to quarantine.

Abela was not in contact with Macron 48 hours before he tested positive for COVID-19.


Antonio José Cardoso Mendes new Valletta FC coach

Dec 18 2020 Share

Antonio José Cardoso Mendes is named to be Valletta FC’s new coach.

Mendes will be arriving in Malta on the 28th of December in order to start coaching Valletta FC as soon as possible.


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