BCRS Malta Collects Over 204 Million Beverage Containers In Debut Year

Nov 21 2023 Share

BCRS Malta Ltd, the licensed operator of Malta’s Beverage Container Refund Scheme, celebrates a remarkable achievement in its inaugural year by collecting over 204 million beverage containers. 

The success underscores the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible recycling practices, reflecting a commitment from the community and stakeholders.

Chairman Pierre Fava expresses gratitude for the public’s high participation, emphasizing the efficacy of a circular economy initiative that promotes shared responsibility. The collected containers, 79% of single-use beverage containers in circulation, achieve a 72% recycling rate, contributing to a cleaner Malta and Gozo.

CEO Alan Meilak underscores the scheme’s adherence to circular economy principles, ensuring separate collection streams to maintain material quality for effective recycling. 

BCRS Malta Ltd, with a €20 million investment in the BCRS Clearing Centre, employs cutting-edge technology and a network of Reverse Vending Machines.

While celebrating the debut year’s success, Meilak acknowledges ongoing work and room for improvement, emphasizing the need for collaboration and enforcement among the government, businesses, and the public. The commitment is to enhance efforts, fostering a culture where recycling single-use beverage containers becomes second nature for a more sustainable ecosystem.


New TV Series To See Peppi Azzopardi Become President

New TV Series To See Peppi Azzopardi Become President
Nov 21 2023 Share

Following this year’s Istrina, GO TV’s Tokis will be premiering a brand new series which would depict a scenario wherein Xarabank host Peppi Azzopardi became President of Malta. 

As a production of Watermelon Media, the series sees Gawdenz actor Fabian Scerri de Carlo becoming the iconic host – and the resemblance is uncanny. 

Through the work of Diane Portelli and Marcelle Genovese, known for her work on Hollywood productions, the series will see the talented actor portraying the host of one of Malta’s longest running television programme. 

MaltaDaily will also feature in the series in a yet to be revealed role, so keep your eyes peeled!

Will you be watching?


Fire In Ġnejna Area Being Reported

Fire In Ġnejna Area Being Reported
Nov 21 2023 Share

A photo uploaded to Malta Roads Traffic Updates shows an area in Ġnejna on fire.

It is currently unclear what caused the fire and whether anyone was injured. 

More information as the story progresses. 


Draft Law Presented To Strengthen Rule Of Law & Citizen Rights

Draft Law Presented To Strengthen Rule Of Law & Citizen Rights
Nov 21 2023 Share

Today, the Minister for Justice Karol Aquilina, together with the Law Students’ Association (GħSL), presented a Draft Law that will reform and consolidate Maltese legislation on judicial review of administrative, legislative, and judicial acts.

This Draft Law will:

  • Update and clarify the law.
  • Provide citizens with more rights and greater protection against the abuse of power.
  • Hold the Government and authorities more accountable and responsible towards citizens.
  • Strengthen the role of the Courts in delivering justice.
  • Enhance the role of the Ombudsman.
  • Strengthen the rule of law in our country.

Minister for Justice Karol Aquilina and GħSL President Andrew Drago explained that the Draft Law will bring about several significant changes in Maltese legislation, including:

  • Sufficient interest, rather than strict legal standing, will be required for a person to bring a case (in the case of administrative and judicial acts).
  • The Draft Law will set a time limit of two years for initiating a judicial review of legislative acts (e.g., challenging the validity of Legal Notices).
  • Instead of six months, a person will have two years to bring a judicial review case.
  • The two-year time limit will also apply to decisions taken by the Attorney General (currently limited to one month).
  • If a person has a case before the Ombudsman, the two-year time limit will be suspended until the Ombudsman decides on the case.
  • A broader definition of a public authority will be introduced to include the Armed Forces of Malta and any other body performing a public function.

Karol Aquilina expressed gratitude to GħSL for their initiative and expressed confidence that there will be more opportunities for cooperation between the Parliamentary Group of the Nationalist Party and GħSL in the future.

Present at the presentation of the Draft Law were also the Whip of the Parliamentary Group, Robert Cutajar, and the Vice President of GħSL, Laura Chetcuti Dimech.