Stop what you’re doing and check out Bandit’s insane donut burgers!

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Let’s face it, everyone loves a good cheat meal and every once in a while, we all enjoy taking a trip to the wild side with a cheeky Bandit burger.

When they first opened, the popular Ħamrun burger place had the beef donut burger on their menu and now, not only have they brought it back, but they also have a chicken version!

Whether you’re a fan of their signature short beef ribs and brisket patty or always go for their unbeatable buttermilk chicken burger, Bandit have got you covered and what’s even better is that they are encased in between two sugar glazed donuts.

So, we don’t know about you, but we’ve found our next cheat day spot.


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Hamrun Spartans to take on Valletta FC in televised match at 6:30PM

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League leaders Hamrun Spartans FC are set to clash with rivals Valletta FC tonight at 6:30PM following the previous postponement due to COVID-19.

The match will be televised on TVM2 in collaboration with JPortelli project in what has been called ‘a gift to all lovers of Maltese football and Hamrun supporters’.

One of the top classic encounters of the Premier League tomorrow will be shown live on TVM2 thanks to the intervention and collaboration of J. Portelli Projects#strongertogether ⚽️🖤❤️

Posted by Hamrun Spartans Football Club on Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Hamrun Spartans are currently first in the league with 35 points while Valletta FC currently stand in 9th place with 23 points and look to put an end to the Spartans’ momentum tonight.


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Malta registers the lowest-ever amount of fake bank notes in 2020

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480 fake bank notes were retired from circulation in 2020, marking Malta’s lowest-ever amount of registered fake bank notes.

An insignificant number in comparison to the 20 million legitimate notes in circulation as well as the circa 220,000 retired fake bank notes in the Euro Zone in 2020.

According to a statement from the Central Bank of Malta, the €20 and €50 notes were the most frequently falsified during the second half of 2020 whilst also marking an increase in fake €5 and €10 notes.

The Central Bank went on to call for the public’s vigilance when conducted transactions with bank notes and to always check for genuine characteristics.


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Luke Lyttleton gets TikTok account removed at 29K followers

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Luke Lyttleton, one of Malta’s favourite jokesters and member of local TikTok group ‘The Boys’ has just had his TikTok account removed, with Luke thus losing his 29K followers and having to start from the beginning.


No luke lyttletons were hurt in the making of this video #malta #humor this will be my second account once they bring back my old one 😅 #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – Not Luke Lyttleton

In an announcement posted on backup account @notlukelyttleton, he lets us know that all new posts and jokes will be published on this new account.

Fellow TikTokers and members of ‘The Boys’ such as James Ryder were quick to jump on the opportunity to have a little fun with the situation, leading to a number of comedically-relevant TikToks.


#fyp #malta @theboysmalta

♬ Angel – Sarah McLachlan


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