Avoid St Andrew’s Road, Swieqi Due To Road Works

Avoid St Andrew's Road, Swieqi Due To Road Works
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Infrastructure Malta is advising commuters to steer clear of St Andrew Road, situated between Pembroke and Swieqi, in the upcoming months due to extensive infrastructure works scheduled until February of the following year. 

Two “hairpin” turns near the Luxol football ground are being constructed to alleviate traffic congestion from Swieqi.

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These hairpin turns will replace the existing traffic lights, with the addition of a pedestrian crossing on the road. This alteration will also provide drivers with a more direct route, eliminating the need to travel to the end of the road to make a turn.

As the project advances, traffic is being redirected through an alternative route via Pembroke. To address existing and potential traffic concerns during this period, Falzon urged the public to explore alternative routes, including those in Burmarrad and it-Telgha t’ Alla u Ommu.


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Having A Sister Can Boost A Child’s Self Esteem, Study Finds

Having A Sister Can Boost A Child's Self Esteem, Study Finds
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Siblings, a source of both challenge and companionship, wield significant influence in one’s life. 

Sisters seem to be a notably positive force, as a 2010 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology seems to suggest. 

Conducted at Brigham Young University in Utah, the research encompassed 395 families, all with siblings aged between 10 and 14. The study, led by Alexander (Alex) Jensen, an assistant professor in the School of Family Life, underscored how sisters play a pivotal role in honing crucial social skills such as communication, compromise, and negotiation.

The research emphasised that robust sisterly bonds yield emotional and psychological benefits, diminishing feelings of loneliness, guilt, self-consciousness, and fear. 

Jensen highlighted how sisters offer steadfast support, often acting as linchpins in maintaining family connections after the passing of parents. Sisters provide an unwavering source of encouragement, dispelling any notion of facing hardships alone.

Furthermore, disagreements between siblings, if managed with affection, serve as valuable lessons in emotional regulation. Laura Padilla-Walker, the lead study author and a professor at BYU’s School of Family Life, underscored the significance of learning to navigate conflicts with composure. 

Sisters’ displays of compassion and love translate into kinder, more generous social behaviour.

The research also revealed that individuals with sisters tend to possess superior communication skills, benefiting both men and women in their interactions with the opposite gender. 

Beyond this study, Jeffrey Kluger, author of “The Sibling Effect,” echoed the sentiment, emphasising how sisters excel in conflict resolution, imparting valuable skills in handling tough discussions for both older and younger siblings.


Ella Portelli Off To El Salvador To Represent Miss Universe Malta

Ella Portelli Off To El Salvador To Represent Miss Universe Malta
Nov 1 2023 Share

Ella Portelli is off to El Salvador, Central America, to represent Malta in Miss Universe 2023. 

‘With a warm heart I can’t help but feel so grateful for all the love & support from everyone in my life and I cannot be prouder to represent my little beautiful island’, Ella wrote on Instagram prior to her flight from the Malta International Airport.

‘I am so excited & honoured for this once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for all the love and I promise to make you proud!’

The 25 year old interior designer from St Julian’s was crowned as Miss Universe Malta in the competition’s 72nd edition. Good luck Ella!