ATTENTION STUDENTS: Turnitin Develops New Tool to Detect AI-Based Cheating in Academic Writing

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ATTENTION STUDENTS: Turnitin Develops New Tool to Detect AI-Based Cheating in Academic Writing

The issue of AI-based cheating has become a major concern, leading universities to review their assessment policies. A well-known essay plagiarism detector is reportedly developing a new tool to detect the use of ChatGPT and other AI bots. This tool is already being used to identify instances where students have used AI in their writing. ChatGPT’s fluidity in producing essays, poems, prompts, contracts, lecture notes, and computer code has astounded people, though occasionally at the expense of accuracy or creativity.

The popularity of these bots among students has led to many academics questioning the way education is now being provided. The technology’s ability to shake the education system has resulted in some universities creating their own AI innovation lab to detect the use of AI writing tools.

Last month, Turnitin’s developer, David Adamson, provided a demonstration of the new software’s functionality. The system was able to identify that 50% of an essay written and edited by ChatGPT was created by AI, identifying 22 of the essay’s 43 sentences as not being human-written. The tool has been trained specifically on academic writing sourced from a comprehensive database.

Although Turnitin’s current products provide some level of AI detection, CEO Chris Caren stated that more would be required in the future. The team is hoping that the new tool, currently in testing, will be ready soon. Some students have already revealed in Tiktok videos that their essays were detected for plagiarism after using AI technology, suggesting that the trails have proven successful.

Despite the improvements, some have developed even better AI systems that would make it harder for Turnitin to outsmart the bots. Therefore, it is a matter of determining who will be faster with technology developments.


Selena Gomez first woman to pass 400 million Instagram followers

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Selena Gomez first woman to pass 400 million Instagram followers

Singer and former Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez has become the first woman to ever surpass the 400 million Instagram follower mark last Friday. 

This comes after, less than a month ago, Gomez reached 381 million followers and thus surpassing Kylie Jenner as the most followed woman on the popular social media platform. 

Her latest post was a make-up free selfie captioned ‘Violet Chemistry’, which is a track title from Miley Cyrus’ fresh new eighth studio album ‘Endless Summer Vacation.’ 


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Gomez has just started to post again last January after a four year hiatus from the app. She had handed over posting rights to a member of her team due to a reported unhealthy relationship with Instagram. 

She did recently announce that she’ll be taking periodic breaks from social media, saying that she is ‘too old’ for it. Meanwhile, Gomez’s following seemed to have sky-rocketed after what seems to be a bit of drama between her and her ex Justin Bieber’s partner Hailey Bieber and the Kardashian sister. 

The recent surge in followers reportedly places her in third place behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in terms of followers on the platform. 



Lie-in protest addresses Malta’s road fatalities and inefficiencies

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Lie-in protest addresses Malta’s road fatalities and inefficiencies

NGOs and activist groups Moviment Graffiti, Friends of the Earth Malta and Rota.mt organised a lie-in and press conference in front of Malta’s parliament, calling out transport and infrastructure authorities as well as Minister Aaron Farrugia. 

The protest highlighted ‘the real cost of inefficient public transport, lack of appropriate infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, and an illogical car-centric transport system, which is negatively affecting people’s lives and quality of life.’ 

The protesters highlighted how the transport model being pushed by past and current authorities prioritises private cars at the expense of commuter safety and reliable access to mobility. 

At its worst, the NGOs argued, this has caused ‘an unacceptably high number of road incidents and deaths. It has also resulted in constant traffic and congestion problems, severely impairing people’s ability to move from one place to another.’ 

‘Tried and tested solutions have solved similar mobility challenges in cities and countries elsewhere – both hilly and flat, and with diverse weather considerations – but this will is currently lacking locally for no justifiable reason.’ 

‘If Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia wants to avoid further deaths on our roads and be remembered as the transport minister that solved our road congestion issues, the way forward is clear. The public has waited long enough, and it is well past the time to walk the talk.’

The groups posed various demands and proposals which could solve these issues, including the publication of standards for pedestrian/cycling infrastructure, a legally binding national cycling policy and the introducing of presumed liability laws to protect the more vulnerable road users. 


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Gozo celebrates St Patrick’s too! Hundreds flock to Għajnsielem

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Gozo celebrates St Patrick’s too! Hundreds flock to Għajnsielem

Malta’s sister island Gozo did not – and never did – shy away from throwing its own St Patrick’s Street Party celebrations as hundreds took to Għajnsielem to share a pint with friends and family!

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri highlighted the jubilant atmosphere in the aforementioned locality, saying that Gozo too joined various other countries to celebrate the feast. 

Various activities were organised, with live bands taking to the stage and the Għajnsielem Local Council making sure the attendee’s hubs were safe and equipped with as many green decorations as possible!

‘Now that we are approaching the summer season, intensive work is currently ongoing to present to you the cultural programme all around the island’ said Minister Camilleri. 

Gozo was of course a massive centre for Carnival celebrations, especially in Nadur. And the sister island continued to show that it is also a massive centre which welcomes friends and families, Maltese or foreign, to enjoy their time during such feasts and events.

Well done to the Għajnsielem Local Council for your organisation! Were you in Gozo this St Patrick’s Day?


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