Attending a sports club should be mandatory for kids says Labour MP

 - Health & Fitness - Nov 19
Attending a sports club should be mandatory for kids says Labour MP

Labour MP Jean Claude Micallef proposed making it mandatory for all children to join a sports club to improve wellness and fitness in Malta. Speaking during a parliamentary meeting last Wednesday, he said that ‘just like its mandatory for parents to send their children to school, with fines if they refuse, we must look at enrolment of five to 15-year-olds at sports clubs.’ 

He said that this would help create a new economy that Malta is ‘crying out for’, help children become more competitive, athletic and fit, and also guarantee sustainability. He also highlighted how these are the magic years when it ‘comes to choosing talent ahead of progress to elite sport.’ Micallef called for a small tax to be levied on high-fat foods, with the proceeds going to the sports industry. 

Apart from this he proposed allocating a percentage of revenue from sports books towards sports, ensuring the gaming industry can aid the sporting sector. ‘Through these measures, along with a dedicated budget, we can move towards a political direction that will help build the sporting sector, as well as a culture of excellence through which our children will adopt a more active lifestyle and become disciplined enough to refuse harmful things.’ 


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