Attack on Cash Rebate Scheme is an “Attack on Malta’, Film Commissioner Says

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Attack on Cash Rebate Scheme is an "Attack on Malta', Film Commissioner Says

Reacting to the recent discussion surrounding Malta’s cash rebate programme, film commissioner Johann Grech has stated that an attack on the programme is “an attack on Malta.”

This comes in light of the revelation that the film company producing the Gladiator sequel was to be granted €47 million, as part of the 40% cash rebate programme for production companies deciding to film in Malta.

In a recently-published 5-minute video, Grech stated that such discourse was motivated towards pushing away foreign investment into our country’s film industry and anyone attacking the programme is attacking the crews and workers involved in this same industry.

The film commissioner stated that Malta’s crews are one of the main reasons that so many foreign productions come to Malta, pledging that he will not let anyone stifle their work.

While some have criticised the scheme, citing industry insider statements saying that production companies come to Malta because of its ‘generous’ cash back scheme, with Grech stating that Malta is not the only one to offer such a plan, which is also EU-approved.

What do you make of this?


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Malta’s Cleaning Division Revives Għadira after Double-Decker Bus Bursts into Flames

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Malta's Cleaning Division Revives Għadira after Double-Decker Bus Bursts into Flames

Malta’s renowned ‘Clean Malta’ Cleansing and Maintenance Division swiftly sprung into action this week, responding to an unexpected incident on Għadira’s beloved ‘Beaches North’ section. A double-decker tour bus unexpectedly burst into flames, leaving behind a charred aftermath that marred the shoreline.

Pictures shared on social media showcased the tireless efforts of the division’s workers as they diligently worked to restore the beach to its former glory.

Under the adept guidance of General Director Ramon Deguara, who operates within the Ministry of Tourism, the division’s workforce embarked on a mission to cleanse and renew the affected area. The commitment of these dedicated workers to rapidly address and rectify the situation was truly commendable. Their dedication was palpable in every scoop of ash removed, as they strived to erase the lingering traces of the unfortunate incident.

As Clean Malta’s diligent staff worked arduously, their unwavering commitment to preserving Malta’s natural beauty was evident to all. The images depicting the scorched remains of the bus served as a stark reminder of the unforeseen challenges that can arise in even the most idyllic of settings.


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Maltese Couple Shine Bright on September Issue of British Vogue

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Maltese Couple Shine Bright on September Issue of British Vogue

The month of August 2023 will forever remain a memorable one for local creator and fashion photographer Marie Clare Portelli and her fiancée after the local couple found out that they made it onto an issue of British Vogue.


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A pre-wedding shoot captured by photographer Anisa Alsabri graced the pages of British Vogue’s September issue, with the couple posing romantically alongside a classic car.

Addressing the situation, Marie Claire stated that when she heard the news she couldn’t believe it. “To be on Vogue is a dream but to be there with my fiancée is even more special,” she wrote.

In what Vogue dubbed ‘The Super Fashion Issue’, the popular fashion magazine highlighted the work of wedding photographer Alsabi, who is said to capture “real emotions, sincerity and kindness for her couples in her photos, for images which don’t just show a posed moment but rather a whole story.”



Association for Abandoned Animals Shares Wholesome Video of Overjoyed Dogs

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A recent video shared by the the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) showing a pack of overjoyed dogs in the present of the sanctuary volunteers will put a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you are having.


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Pups of all shapes and sizes can be seen wagging their tails and lifting their ears in an absolute moment of pure happiness for animals who would have otherwise met a more challenging fate were it not for the voluntary organisation.

The AAA is a voluntary registered non-governmental organisation in Hal Far Road, Birzebbuga which currently hosts around 80 previously-abandoned dogs.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the organisation, which works tirelessly to provide a home for abandoned dogs, can do so by donating via PayPal on [email protected], via BOV Mobile App on 79730921 or by sending an SMS to one of the following numbers:

  • 50617350 – €2.33
  • 50618060 – €4.66
  • 50618910 – €6.99
  • 50619200 – €11.66


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