Asylum seekers to take Maltese government to court over alleged breach of human rights

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52 asylum seekers previously boarding fishing vessel ‘Dar al Salaam’ are taking the Maltese Government to court after being pushed back to Libya.

In a case funded by Repubblika and filed by Paul Borg Olivier and Evelyn Borg Costanzi, the 52 individuals are not only seeking damages but also processed asylum applications.

Their claim is that they were pushed back to Libya back in April after approaching Maltese shores on an overloaded fishing vessel.


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Virtual primary school to welcome around 600 students

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Minister for Education Owen Bonnici has stated that a virtual primary school will be inaugurated soon in what will be a first-ever instance for Malta.

The school will look to educate around 600 students with vulnerable family members or guardians or are vulnerable themselves. The school’s inaugurations is due to some students not being able to attend school due to their health conditions.

The school will have an enrolment phases like any other school and will employ 25 teachers with regular timetables and homework to be assigned online.


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Snack bars will not be given temporary restaurant licenses, says Fearne

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Following a request for clarification regarding Malta’s licensing issue with regards to catering establishments, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne stated that no temporary restaurant licenses will be issued. 

Fearne stated that “a legal notice is a legal notice” and catering establishments should continue to follow governmentally-issued measures and restrictions.

Snack Bars are currently allowed to serve food until 11pm without serving alcohol and bars are to remain closed.


Burger King Malta tells locals to buy from Mcdonald’s

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In a pure show of solidarity towards the entire fast food industry, Burger King Malta took to social media to encourage locals to order from McDonald’s to support the hundreds of staff being employed.

Maltese citizens applauded the fast food brand as the urged their followers to order-in, get delivery or go to drive-thru’s, concluding their statement with “getting a Whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing.”


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