Astronomer made into Barbie to promote science for more women

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Astronomer made into Barbie to promote science for more women

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a space scientist and best known for presenting BBC One’s ‘The Sky at Night and CBeebies Stargazing, will be honoured with a Barbie doll.

Dr Maggie will be honoured for her work promoting science careers for girls, with the reveal coming around International Women’s Day. 

Earlier this month, the astronomer also became the new chancellor at the University of Leicester, known for its extensive space research. 

Aderin-Pocock revealed how she fell in love with the idea of space travel as a young girl and has since spent her career trying to show girls how fascinating space science can be. 

“I want to inspire the next generation of scientists, and especially girls, and let them know that STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] is for them,” she said.

The doll wears a starry dress akin to the night sky and comes with a telescope accessory for stargazing. She opened up saying that when she was younger, Barbie dolls did not look like her. 

Toy creator Mattel, known for releasing dolls in honour of celebrities, is also recognising six other STEM professionals globally. COVID-19 vaccine creator Professor Sarah Gilbert, sprinter Dina Asher-Smith and boxer Nicola Adams will also be among those honoured. 


The future of Europe? No more planes, just trains.

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The future of Europe? No more planes, just trains.

Europe is looking to completely ditch air travel, or at least restrict it, and switch all main travel to trains. 

With environmental groups putting pressure on travellers and companies to seek greener options, many in Europe have began their search for an extensive rail network to replace short haul air travel. 

Airlines like KLM have already entered into rail partnerships on certain routes, and countries like Austria and France are also seeking to restrict internal routes where trains are available. 

Many of the changes being suggested and adopted are not quick solutions, so this vision might still be far off in the future of Europe. 

What could be some of the obstacles? High prices and low frequencies currently remain an obstacle to getting more people to switch from flying. 

Better connectivity between intercity rail and airports would also reduce the need for short haul flights, but this would require airlines and airport operators to cooperate better together. 

2023 kicked off with a new legislation promised in France which would ban short haul flights on a number of domestic routes. For the ban to apply, the EU insisted the air route in question have a high speed rail alternative. 

But the EU Commission massively watered down the plans, making this bill a rather symbolic move rather than one which actually aids sustainability.

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Group push to flip over-turned car at Sliema Strand

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Group push to flip over-turned car at Sliema Strand

Footage sent to this newsroom shows a group of individuals trying, and succeeding, to flip an over-turned car after it seemingly crashed on the side of the road.

The incident reportedly happened at the Sliema Strand at around 2245hrs.


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It is unclear whether anyone was injured in the incident. This is a developing story. 


Suite Life on Deck? You can actually live on this cruise ship for €28,000 per year

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all fantasised about living on a cruise ship some time or other. Disney fans of the mid-2000s have all seen the fun, albeit cartoonish times enjoyed by Zack and Cody and thanks to Life at Sea Cruises, that could actually become a reality.

Embarking on a three-year escape with Life at Sea Cruises will cost you a cool $30,000 (€28,468.50), with the cruise company opening bookings for the journey on their MV Gemini, setting sail from Istanbul on November 1.

That’s right, November 1. So in 8 months, you would have to get your passport, documentation, vaccinations and remote working setups in order ASAP.

You would definitely reap the benefits though, with the company promising tick off 375 international ports, 135 countries and all seven continents, enjoying the views of iconic landmarks like Rio de Janeiro’s Chris the Redeemer, the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China, in addition to 103 “tropical islands” to name a few.

With the cruise ship decked out with all the necessary amenities, including restaurants, entertainment, remote working facilities, a business library, hospital and lounge, now is the time to dive into the experience.

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