As England prepares for lockdown, panic buyers strip shelves

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Social media users have posted photos of empty shelves where toilet roll, pasta, vegetables and meat would normally be, despite supermarkets claiming that there are no stock shortages. 

As England enters a further strict coronavirus lockdown, all non-essential shops will shut from Thursday. However, grocery stores, supermarkets, garden centres and some other retailers that supply essential products and services can remain open.


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Apple announces November 10th ‘One More Thing’ event

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On November 10th, Apple announced a “One More Thing” event, which will possibly see the company announce its first Arm-based Macs running on Apple Silicon chips instead of the Intel processors that the company has been using since 2005. 

Apple has used the “One More Thing” term for significant product announcements, particularly by former CEO Steve Jobs. The last time Apple used that term was for the iPhone X announcement in 2017. 


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Boy falls three-storey height in Mġarr

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This afternoon, an 11-year-old boy was hospitalized after he fell from three-storey high in Mġarr. 

The accident occurred in Triq il-Karamelli at about 3.00pm. The boy’s condition isn’t known yet.


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Eminem lets Joe Biden use ‘Lose Yourself’ as campaign song

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Eminem may have shown who he’s supporting for the upcoming US election as it is confirmed that he allowed Joe Biden to use ‘Lose Yourself’ as one of his campaign songs. 

The slogan ‘one opportunity’ is taken from the Detroit rappers track and placed onto Biden’s voting campaign. 

The video also features a Biden rally in Eminem’s home state, Michigan, and ends with the message ‘Vote’.


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