Arrest warrant issued for boyfriend Gabby Petito as search continues

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie after he used a credit card and PIN for accounts which did not belong to him between August 30 and September 1.

Laundrie, 23, was the boyfriend of Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old American woman who was travelling with Laundrie for several weeks before being reported missing. Petito was found found dead in the national Park of Wyoming on Sunday, with forensic tests revealing that she had been killed.

Laundrie had returned alone to his Florida home in a white van on September 1 without making contact with his family, Petito’s or the Police. A few weeks prior, Utah police were investigating a domestic violence report related to the couple, with an officer’s body cam showing Petito in tears, concerned for her mental health.


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Malta now accepting Singapore and Kuwait-issued COVID-19 vaccine certificates

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Malta now accepting Kuwait and Singapore-issued COVID-19 vaccine certificates

In a statement published by the health and tourism ministries on Thursday, it was revealed that Malta now accepts COVID-19 vaccine certificates issued by Kuwait and Singapore-issued vaccines, as long as they have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The statement outlined that arrivals must have received their second dose at least 14 days before travelling. This is the most recent addition to the list of locally-recognised vaccine certificates.

Malta currently recognises digital vaccine certificates from the EU, Switzerland, Turkey, the UAE, tUK, Serbia, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, Qatar, Albania, Australia, Egypt, Lebanon, Canada and the USA record card.

Malta currently has 488 active COVID-19 cases, with 15 patients currently being treated at Mater Dei Hospital and 4 of whom in the Intensive Therapy Unit.


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Batsmen officially renamed to Batters as Cricket tries to be more gender neutral

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The Marylebone Cricket Club, a cricket club based in England has announced its intentions to amend the Laws of Cricket by changing the term  “batsmen” to “batters” to further try to make the sport of cricket more gender neutral.  The MCC oversee and are in charge of the various rules in cricket. They have announced that the change will take action immediately.


In a statement the MCC stated “MCC believes that the use of gender-neutral terminology helps reinforce cricket’s status as an inclusive game for all,”. They also confirmed that “The changes are effective immediately and updates have been made to the Laws of Cricket published (online), with the Laws of Cricket App and printed editions to be amended accordingly at their next updates.”

This isn’t the first time the sport of cricket went through one of these changes. Back in 2000, the MCC changed the name of fieldsman to fielder and that name is still used to this day. Many high profile names in cricket are in favour of this change with former England captain Michael Vaughan telling people against the change ‘to get a life’.




80 primary classrooms without teachers before start of scholastic year

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Just a few days before the start of the scholastic year, the Malta Union of Teachers has reported that 80 state school primary classrooms have yet to have a teacher placed.

Union chief Marco Bonnici told Times of Malta that the government previously had plans to move peripatetic, complementary and services teachers to classes in order to fill the gaps. He went on to express concern that if such an action was to be taken, the posts which these educators previously occupied will become highly diluted.

For this reason, the MUT declared a trade dispute with the ministry and issued directives to the educators affected. The Union had already criticised the authorities for issuing the protocols late.


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