Around 9,000 tourists visited Malta last February

 - COVID-19 - Apr 12
Around 9,000 tourists visited Malta last February

The number of tourists who visited Malta in February amounts to 9,151, which is a 93.7% decrease when compared to February of 2020. The National Statistics Office published the data on Monday, revealing that 5,564 of the 9,151 total travelled to Malta on holiday. Another 2,281 travelled to Malta on business or professional work with the remaining 1,306 having travelled for other reasons, from educational to health reasons.

The decrease occurred when the COVID-19 pandemic was introduced as a global pandemic. Another decrease of 95% occurred when it comes to travel as 7,126 of those who travelled to Malta came by air. Total tourist expenditure was estimated at €8.4 million, a 90.4% over February 2020.


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