Armed Forces Helicopter Conducts Emergency Landing in Qrendi

Armed Forces Helicopter Conducts Emergency Landing
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An Armed Forces of Malta helicopter had to perform an emergency landing earlier today, Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri has reported.

In a Facebook post published moments ago, the minister reported that the helicopter was constrained to conduct an emergency landing in a field in Qrendi.

It was also reported that the landing was properly coordinated, with no injuries sustained, while the crew was provided the necessary assistance.

More on the story as it develops.


eCabs’ ‘Women+’ Feature Allows Women to Request Female Drivers for Month of March

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In a groundbreaking initiative launched on Women’s Day, local cab company eCabs is introducing the Women+ option in their app, aimed at enhancing the safety and comfort of female passengers by allowing them to request a female driver for their journey.

This innovative feature is designed to provide both riders and drivers with “a greater sense of control, comfort, and security during their ride,” as stated by the company. eCabs, a forward-thinking local transport firm, is keen on promoting inclusivity and safety within its services, and the Women+ option is a testament to their commitment.


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The introduction of this option is also a strategic move to encourage more women to join their impressive roster of over 300 female partner drivers, by creating a more inclusive and secure environment for them to work in.

Recognising the importance of supporting women beyond the confines of their service, eCabs has also pledged to contribute to the empowerment of women through education by incorporating philanthropy into their initiative. Throughout the month of March, every journey booked through the Women+ option will include a donation to the FIDEM Foundation, a renowned NGO dedicated to empowering women through education.

This partnership not only highlights eCabs’ dedication to enhancing the safety and comfort of their female passengers but also their commitment to contributing to the broader social cause of women’s empowerment.


“Utmost Certainty” That Joseph Muscat Will Be Present At MEP’s Rally on Sunday

"Utmost Certainty" That Joseph Muscat Will Be Present At MEP's Rally on Sunday
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In a development that has set Maltese political circles abuzz, Labour broadcaster and confidante of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Manuel Cuschieri, has made a striking revelation.

Cuschieri announced that Joseph Muscat, the ex-Prime Minister and Labour Leader, will attend a campaign rally for Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba. This move has reignited speculation about Muscat’s potential candidacy in the European Parliament Elections.


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Through an 8-minute video message to his followers, Cuschieri stated “with the utmost certainty” that Muscat is slated to attend the rally. Cuschieri said that the event, scheduled for the 9th of March, is not just another event on the political calendar, but a date of historical significance for the Labour Party, drawing parallels to the party’s victory on the same day back in 2013.

The stage will also be set for a convergence of key Labour figures, with Ministers Ian Borg and Silvio Schembri, along with outgoing MEP Alfred Sant, are confirmed to lend their support to Agius Saliba.

This gathering, with the inclusion of Muscat, hints at a strategic positioning ahead of the European Parliament Elections, stirring anticipation and speculation among political enthusiasts and the public alike.


Malta’s Population: Then and Now

Malta's Population: Then and Now
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Alain Blondy’s recent post on social media has sparked a conversation about Malta’s population growth, drawing attention to a 1912 record of the Maltese islands’ population. The record, written in French, lists various Maltese localities alongside their respective populations, shedding light on historical demographics.

Malta's Population: Then and Now

Notably, localities near waterfronts emerged as the most populated, attributed to the abundance of job opportunities in shipyards and marinas. Residents often chose to live close to their workplaces, contributing to the bustling communities along the coast.

However, the record also revealed missing localities, raising questions about the completeness of historical data. According to the report, the total civilian population across Malta and Gozo in 1912 was 184,742, inclusive of 1,850 English and 2,393 foreigners.

Fast forward to 21st century, Malta’s population surged to 519,562, more than doubling over a century and experiencing significant growth in the past decade. The latest census conducted by the National Statistics Office highlighted the increasing presence of foreigners, with over one in five residents being non-Maltese. In 2021, 115,449 non-Maltese individuals called Malta home, marking a substantial increase since 2011.

The census data revealed a significant influx of immigrants, with 14,822 persons immigrating to Malta in 2020, more than triple the figure reported in 2011. A majority of these immigrants hailed from non-EU countries, contributing to the diversification of Malta’s population.

Despite its small size, Malta remains the most densely populated country in the EU, with 1,649 residents per square kilometer. Interestingly, the census also noted a shift in gender demographics, with more males than females recorded for the first time in Malta’s history.

The overpopulation issue has become a topic of concern, with many attributing it to the influx of foreigners. Critics argue that Malta’s infrastructure struggles to cope with the increased demand, impacting various aspects of daily life, including traffic congestion and waste management.

As Malta navigates the challenges of rapid population growth, discussions surrounding sustainable development and urban planning are gaining traction, aiming to address the needs of both residents and newcomers while preserving Malta’s cultural identity and natural environment.