Apple’s iPhone ranks first yet again

Feb 24 2021 Share

With 80 million in 2020’s last three months sold, Apple makes it back to the ranking of global smartphone. Overtaking Samsung who held its place since 2016, Apple saw its rise to the top with the release of the iPhone 12 in late 2020.

The iPhone 12 brings novice to the models, along with Apple paying homage to previous editions. The positive reviews rolled in alongside the 5G iPhone 12, with lead analyst Annette Zimmerman claiming that 15% of Apple’s sales in Q4 2020 benefited from the 5G iPhone’s re-release.

With both Samsung and even Huawei taking a back seat, Apple’s success seems to have been predictable due to the company’s multiple and rigorous launchings.


75 to 80 year olds begin receiving call for vaccination

Feb 24 2021 Share

With the pandemic still rampant, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne has recently stated on the television show Pjazza that the invites will be sent for those between 75 and 80 years old.

In 15 days time, the age group will start to be vaccinated and Mater Dei Hospital is carrying out approximately 1000 vaccinations everyday.

Almost all persons above 85 years of age have been given the vaccine and those remaining are due to mobility restrictions.

Fearne also stated that very few people refused the vaccine as the number of vaccines handed out today should overcome the 70, 000.


Plans for 33-storey-tower in Paceville submitted to Planning Authority

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PX Lettings have just submitted plans to the Planning Authority for a 33-storey tower to be built in Paceville.

The tower will take the place of multiple derelict buildings in Triq Santu Wistin and Triq Elija Zammit and will occupy around 1,100 square metres in the area and will feature a publicly-available “open plaza”.

Apart from residential blocks, the tower will also have a business centre, retail stores and restaurants and will reportedly utilise modern technology with the aim of maintaining environmental sustainability.


226 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 220 recoveries

67 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 323 recoveries
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Malta has registered 226 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 3,274 swab tests, while 220 patients have recovered. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

As of Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 68,779 vaccine doses were administered of which 21,767 were 2nd doses.

To date, Malta has registered 21,532 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 18,720 have recovered, 208 died and 2,504 are still active.