Apple reveals new Airpods Max

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Apple has announced the release of their first over-the-ear headphones.

“AirPods Max feature incredible high-fidelity audio, Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, and spatial audio” – Apple.

The AirPods Max are already on sale at the price of $549.


Space Mystery: ‘Odd Radio Circle’ appear in the sky

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Astrophysicist Professor Ray Norris revels over new OCR waves found in the sky by means of a telescope in Australia.

This phenomenon has never been seen before and the whole space community is completely baffled.

What could these ‘Odd Radio Circles’ be?


The first person to break the sound barrier: General Chuck Yeager dies at the age of 97

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Charles Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier.

General Yeager broke the sound barrier on the 14th of October 1947, when he travelled faster than Mach 1.

He remained a legendary pilot and broke several other speed records throughout his career.


40 years since John Lennon’s death

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The 8th of December, 2020 marks 40 years since John Lennon’s death.

Leading member of the legendary Beatles. John Lennon also gave us one of the most loved Christmas songs of all time!

‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’


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