Apple reveal new emoji updates for iOS 14.5

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An Apple iOS update is coming very soon and with it, a new barrage of memojis, emojis and updates which everyone looks forward too.

Apple’s latest update includes more gender-inclusive entries using a wider range of people highlighting same-sex and gender-neutral couples, more facial expressions, man-buns, face masks and more.

iOS 14.5 is currently available as a public beta due to potential bugs the company is working on eliminating, but is expected to roll out soon.


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EU secures 300 million more Moderna vaccines amid variant worries

 - COVID-19 - Feb 17 2021 SHARE ON:

The European Union has revealed that they have reached an agreement with Moderna to secure another 300 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine amid worries caused by the recent spread of virus variants.

The news comes after the EU’s purchase of another 200 million doses of Pifzer and BioNTech vaccines with EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen stating that with 2.6 million doses the union will be able to provide vaccines to citizens, neighbours and partners.

The EU plans to ramp up virus-detection programmes and speed up vaccine approvals as many countries lag behind inoculation programmes in countries such as Britain and the United States, despite starting vaccines close to two months ago.


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HSBC to move forward with plans for monthly €5 fee

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HSBC have confirmed that one in every four of its customers will be charged with a monthly €5 banking fee despite previous requests for reconsideration from the Central Bank and financial regulator.

The bank had first announced the plans back in January but halted due to public outcry and the aforementioned requests from the Central Bank and MFSA but will now move ahead with a revised version which will not affect 75% of its customer base.

This will affect customers under the age of 61 who deposit less than €2,300 per three months into their accounts while those over 61 will have to deposit at least €1,250 every three months to avoid fees.

Exemptions also include those with home loans, personal loans or wealth products as well as disabled people who do not qualify for social security benefits and part-timers who get paid into their HSBC account.


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Italian authorities say Etna eruption poses no danger

 - International - Feb 17 2021 SHARE ON:

Following Mount Etna’s eruption, intimidating clouds of smoke and ashes covered the Catania skyline but Italian Authorities have revealed that it poses no immediate danger to surrounding areas.

Stefano Branco, head of INGV National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology stated that they’ve seen worse and that the volcanoes activity was nothing to worry about.

Etna with Mosta Rotunda this morning photographed from the fields between Laferla Cross and Wardija ta’ San Ġorġ behind…

Posted by Daniel Cilia on Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Despite this, a decision was made to temporarily close the Catania international airport and the situation will be closely monitored to assure overall safety.


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