Anthony Delia To Kayak From Malta To Sicily For Charity

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Tomorrow morning Anthony Delia will begin his robust and challenging journey, attempting to kayak an insane approximate 94km from Sicily to Malta.

He will begin his journey from Marina di Ragusa, Sicily and will end it closer to home at St. Paul’s Bay in Malta. This challenge is all being done to raise funds for charity.

Delia is estimating that the journey will take him around 18-19 hours to complete permitting the weather is nice towards him.

Anthony will leave Sicily at around 1 am on Friday morning and is expected to arrive in Malta between 8-10 pm.

He is also encouraging other rowers and kayakers to join him on the final leg of his journey.

Delia has only been kayaking for a few years now and last year, he and a friend kayaked around Malta to raise funds for the SiGMA Foundation, aiming to help build a school in Ethiopia and provide medical treatment for patients in Colombia.



Nigel Holland Becomes Floriana Mayor: James Aaron Ellul Deputy Mayor

Nigel Holland Becomes Floriana Mayor: James Aaron Ellul Deputy Mayor
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A decision has been reached on who is set to take the role of mayor in Floriana – and that is independent candidate Nigel Holland.

Meanwhile, Nationalist candidate James Aaron Ellul will be taking the role of deputy mayor after a deadlock left the locality without a mayor following the Local Councils elections.

After the  most recent elections in Floriana, there was a division in the results, 43.64% of the vote went to Labour, 31.01% went to the Nationalist Party, and a significant 16.67% went to independent candidate Nigel Holland.

PL’s Sandra Sammut Hili led her party with 274 first count votes, whereas Aaron James Ellul led with 296. The PN earned 31% of the overall locality vote, with the PL obtaining 43.6% of the vote.

It is worth noting that the new vice mayor garnered 4 votes in favour and 1 vote against which means one of the Labour Councillors voted in favour of a Nationalist Party councillor. On the other hand, the vote for the Mayor got 3 votes in favour and 2 votes against.


Skola Sajf 2024 Begins With More Than 12,000 Students

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Yesterday marked the first day of Skola Sajf 2024 with almost 12,000 students over Malta attending this year. This year’s theme is ‘Life is My Adventure’.

The Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation, Clifton Grima, stated, “SkolaSajf is an excellent service that not only forms part of our vision and efforts to make the educational system reflect the realities and needs of the society we live in but is also a service through which we nurture children from a young age through alternative learning that helps them in their future lives.”

He said the ministry continued to strengthen services that contribute to the long-term educational journey of students, including the Klabb 3-16 and Skolasajf services. “We have enhanced these services to reach more children and promote learning outside of school hours,” said Minister Grima.

This year, Skolasajf will be provided from 54 centers across Malta and Gozo between Monday and Friday, including 5 resource centers and 5 centers in Gozo.

The service runs from July 10 to August 9 and from August 19 to September 6. While the Skolasajf hours are from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, an extended service for working parents will be provided at selected centers from 7:00 am to 8:30 am and from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Through Skolasajf, thousands of students are being offered an extended education service, with attending children benefiting from a program of informal educational activities related to the theme through activities, outings, and sports games, among others.

Public and private sector entities contributing to Skolasajf are also growing; in fact, last year, there were 90 entities, including private companies and non-governmental organizations, that participated in Skolasajf.


What Your Tea Drinking Habits Say About You

What Your Tea Drinking Habits Say About You
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Tea Gets Cold Before You Even Touch It

You’re a very focused person – so much so that you forget you even made tea. We recommend you keep a thermos next to you and not let a drop of tea go to waste.

You Put Milk In First

A rebel. You like to go against the rules and mix it up once in a while. You also like a bit of attention – I mean, who isn’t surprised by your tea serving?

Overloads It With Sugar

You’re a sweetie – literally. You enjoy down time with your friends but require that sweet sustenance before you move on to the next activity.

Puts NO Sugar At All

You’re a contemplative – you like to have your tea handy so it helps you think through the complex ideas you are tackling, usually in conversation.

Biscuit Dunkers

You make the sweet tooth sugar over-loaders look timid. But you are methodical because you CANNOT let biscuit break off and fall into your drink!

The Exotic Tea Drinker

You’re the well-travelled one who likes to explore new things. You’re always up for tastes that ignite your taste buds – a normally calming experience is an adventure for you!

You’re Still Not Into Tea Yet

What are you doing? How about you try out Tetley’s various flavours for yourself – there’s a taste for everyone!