Anonymous Donor Sponsors Jake Vella’s Dad’s Birthday In Hospital

Anonymous Donor Sponsors Jake Vella's Dad's Birthday In Hospital
Oct 9 2023 Share

An anonymous donor decided to sponsor local sport ambassador Jake Vella’s father’s 50th birthday so that the family could celebrate it together at Mater Dei Hospital. 

Jake’s father, Josie, turned 50 over the past weekend, but along with his wife Maruska, they have been spending their time by their son’s side in hospital.

Jake, who suffers from ROHHAD, was admitted to medical complications. This did not stop him from continuing his education remotely whilst also taking up the guitar. 

But to make sure that his dad’s special 50th doesn’t go uncelebrated, an unknown soul pushed for Jake’s father to celebrate with his family and some of his friends. 


David Beckham’s Netflix Documentary Nets Him Half a Million New Followers on Social Media

Oct 8 2023 Share

The release of a Netflix documentary series delving into the life and career of football legend David Beckham has not only captivated audiences but has also had a profound impact on his social media following. Since the unveiling of the trailer for the documentary, Beckham’s online fan base has surged, gaining nearly half a million new followers.

This four-part series, directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens, takes viewers on a journey through David Beckham’s extraordinary life, chronicling his rise from a talented schoolboy in east London to becoming one of the most recognisable and celebrated football players worldwide. The documentary explores pivotal aspects of Beckham’s life, including his illustrious football career, his relationship with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and his enduring 24-year marriage to fashion icon Victoria Beckham.

Throughout the documentary, viewers are treated to intimate interviews with Beckham’s family members, including his wife, Victoria Beckham, and former teammates Gary Neville, Eric Cantona, and Rio Ferdinand. These personal insights provide a unique perspective on the man behind the fame, offering a glimpse into both the highs and lows of his remarkable journey.

One of the documentary’s most poignant moments delves into a challenging period in Beckham’s career and life when he was famously sent off during England’s 1998 World Cup match against Argentina. The subsequent abuse he and his family endured, coupled with his ensuing battle with depression, is revealed in raw detail.

The documentary also broaches the topic of Beckham’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, who served as his assistant in 2003. While both David and Victoria Beckham speak about the aftermath of this turbulent period in their relationship, they remain somewhat vague about the specifics.

David Beckham also opens up about feeling adrift after his transfer to Madrid, separated from his family and the club he had been a part of since his teenage years.


R&B and pop music sensation Bruno Mars turns 38 today!

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Born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8th, Bruno Mars has captured the hearts of millions with his exceptional talent, catchy tunes, and charismatic stage presence. As he marks another year of life, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the remarkable journey of this Grammy Award-winning artist.

Bruno Mars’ journey to superstardom was marked by determination, resilience, and an unwavering passion for music. After completing his education, he packed his bags and moved to the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, California, to chase his musical dreams. Although he faced a setback with a failed gig at Motown Records, he refused to give up. Instead, he persevered, signing a pivotal contract with Atlantic Records that would set the stage for his future success.

Bruno Mars’ musical prowess quickly became evident as he released a string of chart-topping hits. His second album, “Unorthodox Jukebox,” released in 2012, soared to the #1 spot on the U.S. Billboard charts, solidifying his status as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Bruno Mars’ career is punctuated by a series of unforgettable hits, including “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade,” both of which achieved worldwide #1 status. His remarkable songwriting skills were also showcased through his collaboration with K’naan on the hit song “Wavin’ Flag.” In addition, Mars has ventured into collaborative projects, forming the superduo Silk Sonic alongside Anderson Paak. Together, they have continued to captivate audiences with their smooth and soulful sound.

Bruno Mars’ journey to stardom has been shaped by the support and love of his family. Born to Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, he was raised alongside five siblings. In his personal life, he has been in a long-term relationship with model and actress Jessica Caban since 2011. His previous romantic involvement with fellow singer Rita Ora also garnered attention in the media.

Bruno Mars has not only made his mark as a performer but also as a songwriter. He co-wrote the hit song “Right Round” for Flo Rida, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented musician.


Violent Altercation Erupts In Żejtun

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Yesterday, a disturbing altercation unfolded, sending shockwaves through the quiet streets of Żejtun. At approximately 4 o’clock in the afternoon, local authorities were alerted to a heated argument that erupted on Triq il-Giebja Romana, leaving several individuals injured and igniting a police investigation.

Preliminary findings from the police investigation have shed light on the series of events that transpired during the altercation. The incident involved an 18-year-old male from Żejtun, a 48-year-old male from Bormla, and a 54-year-old from Żejtun. Also embroiled in the dispute were a young man and a 24-year-old woman, both residents of Żejtun.

The confrontation, which quickly escalated, reportedly saw the use of stones as weapons. It culminated in a violent impact between two vehicles – an Opel Astra driven by the 48-year-old man and a Mercedes Benz E250 of the 24-year-old male. The situation took a dire turn when, during the heated exchange, the 54-year-old man was allegedly struck by the Mercedes.

Promptly, a medical team was dispatched to the scene to provide immediate assistance to the injured parties. They were swiftly transported to Mater Dei Hospital, where they received the necessary medical attention. As of now, the 54-year-old man is reported to have sustained serious injuries, while the condition of the others remains uncertain.

The incident has raised serious concerns within the community and has left many questioning the underlying reasons behind the altercation. The local police force has initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter to piece together the events leading up to the confrontation, the motives involved, and to determine any potential criminal charges.

In light of the gravity of the situation, Police Magistrate Rachel Montebello has been apprised of the case and has appointed an inquiry to ensure a thorough and impartial examination of the circumstances.