Animals & Everyday Objects Come Together in French Artists’ Bizarre Project

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Animals & Everyday Objects Come Together in French Artists' Bizarre Project

In the ever-evolving world of contemporary art, French artists ‘Les Créatonautes’ are pioneering a unique and enchanting fusion of everyday objects and the natural world.

Their Instagram page serves as a canvas for their extraordinary creations, where animals and objects meld seamlessly into stunning abstract artworks. With the motto ‘The world is moving, the world is changing,’ this group of French artists bridges the realms of modern art and genetics to bring forth a fresh and captivating perspective.

On their Instagram, followers are treated to a visual feast that includes a raptor head crafted from grapes, a cauliflower eagle soaring through the surreal skies, a playful bread dog, and a swift banana cheetah. These astonishing creations reflect the boundless imagination and technical prowess of Les Créatonautes, as they seamlessly blend the ordinary with the extraordinary.

At the time of writing, Les Créatonautes have amassed over 128,000 followers on Instagram, a testament to the appeal of their art. With their imaginative and grounded approach to blending the everyday with the extraordinary, this French art collective is bringing a breath of fresh air to the contemporary art scene.


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Malta’s Civil Protection & AFM Recover 80 Bodies from Storm Daniel Aftermath in Libya

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In a poignant and humanitarian effort, Civil Protection Malta and the Armed Forces of Malta have undertaken intensive search and recovery operations in Libya, retrieving the bodies of 80 individuals from both land and sea.

This collaborative effort reflects the commitment of Maltese officials to provide assistance and support in the wake of the devastating aftermath of Storm Daniel in the region.

The operation involved meticulous search efforts along the Libyan coast where, apart from the arduous task of recovering the deceased, there was a critical moment when a Libyan rescue swimmer required urgent medical assistance. The incident occurred approximately 10 nautical miles away from Derna, where a rescue swimmer lost consciousness and required immediate assistance.

Further updates can be followed on the Sigurtà, Civil Protection Malta and Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) page. A recent AFM update showed that on Saturday, the CPD and AFM team aboard Malta’s P61 was returning to the island following the intense operation.


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Shaun Farrugia Sings Alongside Martin Garrix at Iconic Las Vegas Nightclub

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Local sensation Shaun Farrugia had a career-defining moment as he took the stage alongside electronic music superstar Martin Garrix at one of Las Vegas’ most iconic clubs, ‘Omnia.’ The duo wowed the crowd with a performance of Farrugia’s hit song ‘Starlight,’ creating an unforgettable night for clubbers and fans from around the world.

In a recent Instagram reel, Farrugia expressed his gratitude for the incredible experience, highlighting how nights like those remind him of life’s blessings. He shared his profound appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with Martin Garrix and perform in a venue as renowned as Omnia. It’s evident that this memorable night left a mark on Farrugia, and his infectious smile and enthusiasm resonated with fans in Malta and across the world who can’t wait for his next big move.

The performance at ‘Omnia’ not only showcased Farrugia’s rising star power but also emphasised his ability to connect with a global audience, making him a talent to watch in the music industry.

Kudos Shaun!


Blooms of Fried Egg Jellyfish Spotted Along West Coast of Malta

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Yesterday, an astonishing sight unfolded along the western coast of Malta and Gozo, as a crowd of Fried Egg Jellyfish was spotted in Zurrieq and Xlendi respectively.

The Fried Egg Jellyfish, AKA Phacellophora camtschatica, has a distinctive saucer-like shape and translucent appearance created a remarkable spectacle against the backdrop of the Mediterranean waters.

In a recent post on the ‘Jellyfish in Malta’ Facebook group, local marine biologist Alan Deidun emphasised the harmlessness of these jellyfish species and urged the public not to persecute them. This message came as part of the ongoing ‘spot the jellyfish’ citizen science campaign, which encourages individuals to report jellyfish sightings to aid in the understanding of their behaviour and distribution in Maltese waters.

The marine biologist extended gratitude to Edmond Schembri and Michael Zammit for their timely alerts, highlighting the importance of community involvement in preserving and studying these fascinating marine creatures.

As more people become aware of the peaceful nature of these jellyfish and engage in responsible observation, it not only enhances our understanding of marine ecosystems but also promotes a harmonious coexistence between humans and the sea.

Did you spot any jellyfish this summer?


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