Animal Welfare Gozo Manager Drops Out: ‘No Idea What Will Happen Now’

Animal Welfare Gozo Manager Drops Out: 'No Idea What Will Happen Now'
Nov 8 2023 Share

Roderick Cordina, head of the government’s animal welfare branch in Gozo, has taken a leave of absence due to staffing issues, prompting concerns from animal activists. 

The Gozo SPCA highlighted that the majority of animals brought to their shelter came from Animal Welfare Gozo (AWG), which offered 24/7 emergency services for injured strays. 

‘We have no idea what will happen now’, Gozo SPCA wrote on social media in an official statement. 

However, due to understaffing, the service has been intermittently unavailable over the past month, leaving uncertainty about the future.

Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina confirmed Cordina’s leave of absence and expressed dismay over the situation, emphasising the challenge of finding dedicated individuals in the animal welfare sector. 

Bezzina called for greater investment in human capital to attract and retain qualified personnel.

Supporters expressed frustration with the government’s perceived lack of prioritization for animal welfare. They praised Cordina for his dedicated efforts, but noted that he faced challenges due to insufficient resources and support.


2023’s Sexiest Man Alive: Patrick Dempsey

2023's Sexiest Man Alive: Patrick Dempsey
Nov 8 2023 Share

Patrick Dempsey, known for his iconic role as Dr. Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy,” has been named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive at the age of 57. 

Dempsey, who gained heartthrob status for his role, reflects on the recognition, expressing gratitude for the platform it provides to support positive causes, particularly the Dempsey Center, a foundation he established in honour of his late mother to assist cancer patients and their families.

Beyond his acting career, Dempsey is devoted to his family, including his wife Jillian, who is a makeup artist and founder of a clean beauty line, as well as their children Talula, Sullivan, and Darby. He also nurtures his passion for race-car driving.

Dempsey shares his surprise at receiving the title, emphasising that he never anticipated being in this position. He embraces the light-hearted teasing he anticipates from his children in response.

In December, Dempsey will showcase his racing skills in the biopic “Ferrari,” directed by Michael Mann. The experience taught him the importance of taking risks, both on and off the track. 

Despite his newfound title, Dempsey maintains a humble outlook, acknowledging that he has already experienced many highlights in his life, but he continues to move forward.


4,351 Traffic Accidents Reported In The Last 3 Months

4,351 Traffic Accidents Reported In The Last 3 Months
Nov 8 2023 Share

In the third quarter of 2023, road traffic accidents saw an uptick, while casualties decreased compared to the same period in the previous year. 

There was one road traffic fatality reported. The number of accidents rose to 4,351, marking a 7.1% increase from the same period in 2022. 

The Northern Harbour district had the highest number of accidents at 1,514, accounting for 34.8% of all incidents.

Casualties decreased by 4.9% to 427, with 115 classified as grievously injured. This category included 66 drivers, 16 passengers, and 33 pedestrians/cyclists/other. 

Unfortunately, one driver’s injuries proved fatal. This quarter saw five fewer fatalities compared to the same period in 2022.

The majority of grievously injured individuals were male (77.4%), and the lone fatality also involved a male. In terms of age groups, the highest percentage of casualties fell within the 26 to 40 years bracket (37.2%).

Passenger cars accounted for the largest share of road traffic casualties (52.7%), followed by motorcycles (36.8%) and goods-carrying vehicles (5.2%). The fatal accident involved a collision between two vehicles resulting in the death of one driver. 

Eight cyclists were involved in accidents, with two sustaining grievous injuries, five experiencing minor injuries, and one having insignificant injuries.

Fridays had the highest number of casualties (72), while Mondays saw the most accidents (692 cases or 15.9% of the total). The time frame with the highest accident occurrence was between 09:00 – 11:59, accounting for 23.0% of the total, followed by the 15:00 – 17:59 slot with 914 cases. The fewest accidents occurred between 03:00 – 05:59 (63 cases).

San Pawl il-Baħar reported the highest incidence of road traffic accidents (254 cases), followed closely by Birkirkara and Ħal Qormi with 248 and 245 cases respectively. Conversely, Ta’ Kerċem, il-Fontana, and San Lawrenz had less than five road traffic accidents each. All districts, except the Western district, saw an increase in road traffic accidents compared to the third quarter of the previous year. The Southern Harbour district had the highest percentage increase at 11.6%, followed by the Northern Harbour district at 9.1%.

Full NSO report here.


GTA 6 Reportedly To Be Announced By Next Week

GTA 6 Reportedly To Be Announced By Next Week
Nov 8 2023 Share

Rockstar is set to make an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) soon, with a trailer expected in December, according to reports from Bloomberg. 

The exact details of the initial announcement are still unclear, but the trailer is anticipated to be unveiled, possibly at The Game Awards on December 7, although this has not been confirmed.

While Rockstar has confirmed the development of GTA VI, they have kept other details under wraps. There was a leak of footage last year, which Rockstar acknowledged as authentic, but assured it wouldn’t affect the game’s progress.

Limited information is available about GTA VI, but it is rumoured to introduce a playable female Latina character and commence in a fictionalized version of Miami, with additional cities being incorporated over time.

Given the immense success of GTA V, which stands as one of the highest-selling video games ever, anticipation is high for the official reveal of GTA VI. Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on this highly anticipated release.