An increase of around 7500 pleasure boats since 2012

 - Lifestyle - Sep 15
An increase of around 7500 pleasure boats since 2012

Malta has seen a rapid increase in pleasure crafts from 2012, shooting up to 23,133 in 2021 from 15,375 in 2012. This translates to an increase of 50.5%, including everything from yachts, which can navigate outside Maltese waters. The number of yachts alone doubled from 2,733 in 2012 to 5,515 in 2021. 

The pandemic year showed that many spent their savings on boats, which in turn marked lower spendings due to lockdowns and other restrictions. The data was provided to MaltaToday by Transport Malta. 1,196 new boats were registered in 2021, bringing up the total to 5.5% over 2020. This is the sharpest increase in the past ten years. 

A 9% increase in the number of boats which can navigate outside Maltese waters was also noted. Numbers in this category shot up from 5,053 in 2020 to 5,515 in 2021. The number of boats restricted to Maltese waters also went up by 734 over 2020’s figures. 

The newsroom was not provided with a breakdown of how many boats were owned by Maltese residents and how many were owned by non-residents. The increase in boats show however how those who can secure a quiet spot due to Malta’s beaches becoming more crowded will do so. This phenomenon is still however contributing to over-crowding of spots like Comino. 


Photo Source: Sail Magazine

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