Amsterdam Rainbow Dress With Flags of Nations Where Being LGBTIQ+ is Illegal On Display in Valletta

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Amidst the vibrant backdrop of the Europride Valletta 2023 celebrations, an exclusive and thought-provoking art piece has taken centre stage at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta, Malta. The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, a dynamic masterpiece, is more than just a display of colours; it’s a powerful symbol of hope, change, and the relentless pursuit of LGBTIQ+ rights worldwide.

What makes the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress so unique is its composition. It is made up of national flags from countries where being LGBTIQ+ is not only stigmatised but prohibited under severe penalties, including imprisonment, torture, and even capital punishment. Each flag within the dress represents a stark reminder of the struggles faced by the global LGBTIQ+ community.

However, the beauty of this art piece lies in its potential for transformation. As countries around the world gradually enact more inclusive LGBTIQ+ legislation, their respective flags will be replaced by the universally recognised rainbow flag within the dress. This dynamic process symbolises the progress being made towards greater acceptance, equality, and human rights for LGBTIQ+ individuals.

As a part of the Europride Valletta 2023 celebrations, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress not only adds a unique dimension to the event but also highlights Malta’s commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. The Europride festivities, running from 7th to 17th September, provide a platform for LGBTIQ+ communities and allies to come together, celebrate diversity, and continue advocating for a world where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination.


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UK Set to Ban Disposable Vapes Amid Concerns Of Child Addiction

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In light of an alarming trend of youth vaping, the UK government will implement a ban on disposable vapes as early as next week. This decision follows growing concerns that these disposable e-cigarettes, often flavoured with sweet and fruity tastes, are enticing underage consumers.

UK Science Minister Michelle Donelan expressed the government’s unease with the rising number of young individuals who have never smoked, turning to vaping. She described the trend as “very worrying” and highlighted the need for swift action to address the issue. The concern is that the appealing flavours in single-use vapes have made these products particularly attractive to adolescents, potentially exposing them to the risks associated with vaping.

The UK is not alone in its efforts to address this growing public health concern. Around the world, other countries have taken similar measures. Australia, for instance, has banned all vaping without a prescription, while Germany has restricted flavoured e-cigarettes. France, too, is in the process of phasing out disposable e-cigarettes.

In Malta, we have also seen a considerably-growing trend of coloured e-cigarettes amongst youth, with no strict bans or regulations yet set locally.

Do you think Malta should follow suit?


Cover Photo Source: Euronews / The Sun

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Bulletproof & KSU Announce Brand New Outdoor Gym On University Campus

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Bulletproof & KSU Announce Brand New Outdoor Gym On University Campus

Local fitness brand Bulletproof, together with KSU & University of Malta have announced a brand new gym on University Campus, Bulletproof’s third gym in just six months. This exciting announcement sees Bulletproof teaming up with Kunsill Studenti Universitarji and the University of Malta to bring a dynamic outdoor gym experience to the heart of the campus.


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The partnership between Bulletproof, KSU, and the University of Malta aims to create a vibrant fitness hub where students and fitness enthusiasts can come together to pursue their health and wellness goals. The new outdoor gym is set to provide state-of-the-art equipment and open-air training spaces to cater to a wide range of workout preferences.

This latest addition to Bulletproof’s fitness empire comes on the heels of a recent social media post where the brand expressed the profound belief in the power of fitness to bring people together. The post stated that the sense of unity and achievement achieved through fitness is the “best feeling ever” for Bulletproof.

This new outdoor gym promises to be a game-changer for students and fitness enthusiasts, offering them an exceptional environment to work on their fitness goals while connecting with like-minded individuals.


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Maltese DJ TPSY Gets Track Played by Kevin De Vries at Legendary Club Brooklyn Mirage

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Maltese DJ TPSY Gets Track Played by Kevin De Vries at Legendary Club Brooklyn Mirage

Last weekend, Maltese DJ and producer TPSY witnessed his track hitting the sound system of one of the most iconic venues in the world—Brooklyn Mirage in New York City.


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This extraordinary moment unfolded during an Afterlife takeover, with German melodic techno powerhouse Kevin De Vries at the helm. The event saw him share the stage with other Afterlife signature artists such as Tale of Us and Fideles, making it a gathering of melodic techno’s finest.

What took this night to another level was the moment Kevin De Vries dropped TPSY’s track ‘Bambina’, which sent the crowd into an electrifying frenzy. The fusion of TPSY’s signature sound with the masterful mixing of Kevin De Vries created quite the moment for this attendance, as well as for the Maltese DJ himself.

As TPSY’s name continues to reverberate through international circuits, it becomes evident that the global music community is recognising and celebrating local talent and our geographical position should not be seen as a barrier.

What do you think of the track?


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