Almost all COVID-19 measures to be removed as from 2nd May, Chris Fearne announces

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Almost all COVID-19 measures to be removed as from 2nd May, Chris Fearne announces

In a press conference addressed earlier this morning, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that, as of 2nd May, almost all of Malta’s COVID-19 measures will be removed.

Fearne stated that this decision is part of Malta’s exit roadmap as the country continues to move towards normality with responsibility. While the Deputy PM encouraged the use of masks in enclosed spaces such as public transport, he revealed that masks will not remain obligatory except for hospitals, medical clinics, homes for the elderly and during flights.

Fearne went on to reveal that ITU numbers remain relatively low with 88 positive cases in Mater Dei, not all of which due to COVID-19 symptoms but due to testing positive upon arrival in Malta. He highlighted that Malta still has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world with over 80% receiving their vaccine booster.

The government’s aim is to have all elderly citizens receive their second booster dose by May 2nd.

Fearne also revealed a number of steps related to quarantine and positive cases.


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Johnny Depp will not return as Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean

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Johnny Depp will not return as Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean

To the dismay of The Pirates of the Caribbean fans around the world, Johnny Depp will not be returning as Jack Sparrow in the world-renowned series.

Depp is currently in the midst of $100 million defamation trial against Amber Heard, who the actor accused of ruining his career after publishing an opinion piece on their relationship. The pair have since been engaged in an intense legal battle after the other with serious allegations from both sides of the coin.

Whilst being questioned by his own lawyer, Depp revealed that Disney had removed him from Pirates of the Caribbean 6 only days after Heard’s piece was published, with a subsequent article about Daily Mail reporting that he was “out as Jack Sparrow.”

Whilst stating that he wasn’t aware of the article, Depp held that he wasn’t surprised. The actor told Variety that “Two years had gone by of constant worldwide talk about me being this wife beater. So, I’m sure that Disney was trying to cut ties to be safe. The #MeToo movement was in full swing at that point.”

Disney reportedly has a new reboot in the works featuring Australian actress Margot Robbie.


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Waste separation is more important than ever and here’s how you should do it

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Waste separation is more important than ever and here's how you should do it

As well-intentioned individuals and organisations around the world persist against the crushing conditions of climate change, managing our waste has become more important than ever. WasteServ Malta is always appealing to the public to properly collect, separate and dispose of their waste to make the recycling process more efficient and while Malta gained a lot of ground in 2021, it has its sights set on a greener 2022.

WasteServ has recently launched a new educational campaign ‘Separate right, make our future bright’ in order to encourage everyone to separate their waste right. To help convey the message, WasteServ has engaged the help of three fictional characters – Commander Yellow, General Buzz and Garbage Monster – who are the protagonists of this educational campaign. These characters aim to make us more conscious of the waste we throw away every day and instil best practices when it comes to waste separation, starting with the recycling bag.


Unfortunately, WasteServ still finds the wrong things in the recycling bag. These range from organic waste, glass, textiles, electronic waste to medical and sanitary waste, and DIY materials such as wood scraps, tiles and rubble. Indeed, WasteServ estimates that around 25% of the items in the recycling bag are items that should not have been thrown in this bag.

25% of the items in the recycling bag are items that should not have been thrown in this bag

Nowadays, managing the waste we generate at home is as important as it has ever been and while learning the definition of the 3Rs dates back to our primary school days, we are now responsible for putting into practice these three green points.

Reduce – as they say, prevention is better than cure. Consider what you are buying and use alternatives so as to reduce waste.

Re-use – rather than throwing items away, check whether the items can be repaired or repurposed, to be ultimately reused.

Recycle – this should be your last option after you’ve gone through the other R’s, and it is important that it is done right.

WsteServe online Waste Separation Guide

Online Waste Separation Guide

To make it easier for you to recycle more, WasteServ has also launched an online Waste Separation Guide. In this guide, you will find information on what goes in each bag as well as all the available waste disposal services.

A little effort to separate our waste right goes a long way towards making the island AND the planet a little bit greener. So, next time you make that trip to the recycle bin, make sure you are throwing in only clean plastic, metal, paper and cardboard.

Do you separate your waste?


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Bolt Food to plant one tree for every order in addition to 11 million seeds

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Bolt Food to plant one tree for every order in addition to 11 million seeds

In addition to Bolt’s already-announced efforts to plant 11 million Seedbolts, they have also announced that they will plant 1 tree for every order on Earth Day.


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A post shared by Bolt Food Malta (@boltfood_mt)

In a recent Facebook post, Bolt stated that a decision was made three years ago to become the most sustainable mobility operator in the world. Since that decision, they are reported to have neutralised the environmental footprint of over 4.5 billion kilometres of Bolt rides and made Bolt scooters climate-positive.

The mobility operator had reported that they will be planting 11 million tree seeds to reforest degraded areas in Kenya. “As they grow into trees, they’ll help us neutralise the mobility footprint of all your Bolt rides and Bolt Food deliveries.”

In their Instagram post, Bolt Food Malta stated that if clients want to pick up their food instead of getting it home, it’s okay. “It’s good for you and your wallet as you’ll be saving money on delivery.”

Happy Earth Day!


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