All EU vacancy ads must include salary prior to employment

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The EU has recently approved a directive that gives European workers the right to know their salary details before starting a job or attending any job-related interviews. 

This decision was made after the European Parliament and the EU Council agreed on the Pay Transparency Directive, increasing workers’ rights throughout the EU. 

MEP Cyrus Engerer described this agreement as a big win for European workers and encouraged member state governments to swiftly implement the new law. 

Job advertisements must now include the salary attached to the position, and this information must be provided before any interview takes place.

This directive addresses the gender pay gap in large companies by introducing a new mechanism to resolve the issue. Engerer stated that it is unacceptable for workers doing the same work to be paid differently and that this law highlights the new rights of workers and the remedies that must be given to those who have been discriminated against.

 The Pay Transparency Directive must be in effect in all EU member states within the next three years.


Oliver Agius identified as St Paul’s Bay traffic accident fatality

Oliver Agius identified as St Paul's Bay traffic accident fatality
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Oliver Agius, a classic cars enthusiast, has been identified as the 90-year-old man who was killed in a traffic accident in St Paul’s Bay last Sunday. 

Tributes poured for Agius, with the ‘Old Motors Cub Malta’ posting an image of the late victim proudly exhibiting his Citroen at the Valletta Concourse D’Elegance. 

The 90-year-old died on impact when we has unfortunately hit by a Peugeot 208, which was being driven by a 47-year-old man from Ħamrun. 

The incident was reported to have happened on Triq San Pawl at 1440hrs, with police still investigating. 

This accident makes Agius the 3rd road death this year, following Pawlu D’Amato (79) on January 14th and Pelin Kaya (30) on January 18th. 


Malta’s Civil Protection to send support to Turkey as another 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes

Malta's Civil Protection to send support to Turkey as another 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes
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Only a few hours after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Turkey & Syria to their core, destroying multiple buildings and killing thousands in the process, yet another 7.5-scale earthquake has Turkey.


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The latest earthquake reportedly struck roughly 100 kilometres to the north of the first, followed by an aftershock of magnitude 6 just 12 minutes later.

Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri has reported that Malta will be offering support to Turkey through the European Civil Protection mechanism, with a number of earthquake specialists to head to the country in aid.

The death toll in Turkey currently surpasses 1,200, with 5,385 wounded in the process.


Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement becomes a member of the Voice for Choice coalition

Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement becomes a member of the Voice for Choice coalition
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MGRM- Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement has joined the Voice for Choice coalition, a group of organisations fighting to decriminalise abortion.

“We are proud that MGRM – an organisation with a strong history of grassroots activism and providing a voice for its community- has decided to join our coalition,” Voice for Choice said.

“Malta’s current laws mean that everyone faces the threat of imprisonment if they have or provide an abortion – regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation,” the coalition added. “We seek to represent and fight for all those who find themselves at risk of imprisonment if they have an abortion,” the coalition said.

MGRM noted that criminalisation and lack of abortion access has long been an issue that affected the LGBTIQ community as well.

“LGBTIQ issues and abortion access are both inextricably linked because they both involve undue political interference in individual autonomy. We want to move away from the myth that decriminalisation of abortion is only needed for cisgender, heterosexual women. All people who need abortion should be able to access it safely, without worrying about facing prison time,” MGRM added.

The Voice for Choice coalition is also currently active in ongoing debates on Bill 28- a proposed amendment to the current law that criminalises abortion which will provide an exception in cases when the woman’s health is in grave jeopardy.

The Voice for Choice coalition includes MGRM – Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement, Young Progressive Beings, Women’s Rights Foundation, Moviment Graffitti, Doctors for Choice, Students for Choice, Lawyers for Choice, Integra, Aditus, Men Against Violence, Parents for Choice and Malta Humanists Association.