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Al Jazeera’s AI predictor with 67% accuracy rate is predicting a win for France

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Al Jazeera’s AI predictor, Kashef is betting on France to win over England.

At 52%, Kashef is marginally leaning towards ‘Les Bleus’.

With 58 matches played at this World Cup, Kashef has accurately predicted 67% of the games – The AI robot makes these predictions by compiling more than 200 metrics, including the number of wins, goals scored, FIFA rankings and more, from matches played over the past century.

Kashef correctly predicted seven of the eight games in the last 16 matches.



The EP will award its ‘Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought’ to Ukraine

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The top highlight of the European Parliament’s last plenary session for 2022 will be the award of its Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to the brave people of Ukraine, represented by their president, elected leaders, and civil society.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will join in the award ceremony remotely from Kiev and other representatives will be present in Strasbourg for the award ceremony led by President Metsola.



Promoting same-sex relationships is now illegal in Russia

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The Russian President has signed into law a bill that expands a ban on LGBTQ+ making it illegal for anyone to promote same-sex relationships.

This comes as a continuation of the Kremlin cracking down on free speech and human rights as its military operation in Ukraine falters.

The new law has been added to a 2013 law that banned the dissemination of LGBTQ-related information to minors. This new law extends the ban on promoting such information to adults as well.

In a nutshell – The new laws make it illegal to publicly promote or praise LGBTQ+ relationships.


Dyson’s new noise-cancelling, air-purifying headphones are perfect for Malta

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With a brand known the world-over for exceptional engineering, science & pioneering technology, Dyson’s new ‘Bane Mask’ headphones are finally being released and they are perfect for Malta.

After months upon months of speculation, the ‘Dyson Zone’ headphones are set to come out in March 2023 and will start at a cool $949, twice the price of the AirPods Max.

That being said, we honestly think the Dyson Zone would be perfect for Malta’s conditions. With Malta being ranked second in a list of Europe’s most air-polluted coastal regions and first in the European Union for noise pollution, air-purifying & noise-cancelling headphones might just work a charm.

In its US launch, headphones will be available in two colour-ways, Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Pryssian Blue/Bright Copper, with the latter coming with a few extras including soft pouch and inflight adaptor kit.

Would you consider buying the Dyson Zone?


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